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Don’t buy Deluxe Editions of games for Black Friday


Deluxe Editions generally aren't worth the extra money, so you need to be careful and read what's actually included.

A game never releases as just a normal game anymore. Publishers are always trying to get more money with extra content thrown into Deluxe Editions, Special Editions — whatever they want to call them. Some fairly expensive editions, usually billed as Collector's Editions, contain tangible objects that make the price worth it, like a replica statue or weapon. Most Deluxe Editions, however, do not. Instead they usually just have a few cosmetic in-game items added in, and they normally aren't worth the extra money you'll be spending.

If you see a Deluxe Edition of a game and think, "Hey, that's a great deal!" take a step back to see what you're actually paying for.

Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition

Borderlands 3 packs a ton of content alone, and with the Super Deluxe Edition you're looking at getting four major content expansions in the future to keep the fun going for a long time. Join up with some friends and have a blast.

$79.99 $99.99 $20 off

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It's easy to see a Deluxe Edition and think that you're getting a good deal because it costs more than the Standard Edition. More money means more content. And more is better, as we've been conditioned to think. But that isn't always the case. Usually Deluxe Editions that you see are packed with meaningless in-game content to fluff up the price. You'll see things like cosmetic skin packs or maybe some early game experience boosters. You don't need them. Cosmetic skins essentially just add a new layer of paint to your weapon or character. Early game boosters quickly become obsolete after playing for more than an hour. You're paying $10 or even $20 more for "content" that amounts to a whole lot of nothing.


Deluxe Editions are worth it when they include Season Passes.

When they are worth it is when they include Season Passes. These grant access to major DLC packs and expansions down the line that the developers release as post-game content. A Season Pass by itself is usually anywhere between $20 to $40 depending on the game. If you can find a Deluxe Edition with a Season Pass — like Borderlands 3's Super Deluxe Edition — then you're getting a good deal. Borderlands 3 in particular is set to have four major content expansions down the line, all of which will likely cost $15 individually. The Season Pass itself is normally $50.


When looking at deals on Deluxe Editions of games, make sure you first check to see what extra bonus content it includes, and then compare it to the price of the Standard Edition and Season Pass. Odds are you'll find that if the Deluxe Edition doesn't come with the Season Pass, then you're much better off getting the Standard Edition of a game. And if it does come with a Season Pass, the deal you're getting might be a fantastic one. Season Passes generally aren't discounted by themselves.

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