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Does Oculus Quest 2 support hand tracking?


Oculus Quest 2 Leak Hand TrackingSource: Facebook

Best answer: Yes, Facebook explained in leaked videos that the Oculus Quest 2 supports hand tracking. You can navigate menus, browse certain apps, and play some games with just your hands using the feature.

Oculus Quest 2 and hand tracking

Even though the Oculus Quest 2 hasn't been officially announced, Facebook accidentally leaked videos that share quite a few details about the headset, including that it supports hand tracking.

Hand tracking allows you to interact with menus, browse through certain apps, and even play some games without having to use the Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2's Touch Controllers.

What Oculus Quest games support hand tracking?

Hand tracking is a relatively new feature for the Oculus Quest platform. It was available in preview for several months before rolling out to the public. The list of titles that currently support hand tracking is relatively small, but it includes some fun titles such as The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets and Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition. There are also several games and experiences that support hand tracking that are available through Sidequest.

While hand tracking is fun, it doesn't replace the Oculus Quest Touch Controllers. Many games don't support the feature. That means that if you want to chop around in Beat Saber, you'll have to use the Touch Controllers. Hand tracking isn't at a level where it can replace controllers in many games, so rather than frustratingly missing blocks in Beat Saber or missing a shot in Robo Recall: Unplugged, you just use the Touch Controllers.


It's best to think of hand tracking as a handy — get it? —feature, rather than a replacement for Touch Controllers. It's similar to how some Nintendo Switch games are fun with Joy-Cons while others are best with a Switch Pro Controller.

Oculus Quest 2: Everything you need to know

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