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DJI releases the T30 & T10 Plant Protection drones with dual FPV cam, obstacle detection


DJI Agriculture yesterday held a new product launch conference in Shenzhen and released two new products in one breath. The products are dubbed DJI T30 and T10 Plant protection drone (UAV).

The two new products, T30 and T10, will bring intuitive efficiency improvements to the field of plant protection, and will also inevitably bring new impacts to industry development. The new flagship DJI T30 Plant Protection Drone is the most powerful plant protection machine on the market, with an operating efficiency of up to 240 acres per hour. Its exclusive deformable wing design can effectively improve the flight control effect of fruit trees and is equipped with a more reliable spreading system. , It can effectively improve the efficiency of spreading. The T10, which is aimed at small plots and small and medium-sized farmers in the south, is mainly cost-effective, lightweight, and can be operated by a single person.

The maximum load of T30 is increased to 30 kg, and the drug-liquid load ratio reaches 46%. it is equipped with a new plunger pump, which can provide a large flow rate of 8L/min. The new 16 nozzle layout ensures the uniformity of spraying drops, and the effective spray range can reach 9 meters. There are 8 groups of solenoid valves that can achieve independent frequency conversion control for each group of nozzles. The real-time flight speed and spraying volume are linked.

The DJI T30 Plant Protection Drone is also equipped with a new branch-to-target technology, which adjusts the spray elevation angle of the front and rear arms to allow the droplets to penetrate the canopy along the oblique angle of the branches, ensuring that the liquid medicine adheres evenly from top to bottom. Test data show that T30 branch-to-target technology can double the adhesion rate of liquid medicine on the back of the bottom leaves of fruit trees.DJI T30 Plant Protection Drone

In order to cope with the complex operating scenarios of fruit trees, the route planning function has also been upgraded. For orchards with flat terrain, T30 can directly imitate the ground with the help of radar; for orchards with complex terrain, with the help of smart cloud platform, cloud mapping and route planning can be used to easily manage your digital orchard.

Previously, fertilizer spreading in farmland was mainly done manually or ground machinery. Compared with manual and ground machinery, drone sowing can not only greatly increase the efficiency, without suppressing the seedlings, but also achieve higher uniformity. The spreading flow rate is as high as 40-50 kg/min, the spreading width is 7 meters and so, 1 ton of fertilizer can be spread in 1 hour.DJI t30 plant protection drone

As we all know, fertilizers are highly corrosive. The new spreading system adopts multi-layer oil seal protection to improve corrosion resistance and can be directly washed with water.


During the operation, pilots are most concerned about flight safety issues. T30 is equipped with the industry’s first spherical radar system, which can detect obstacles in all directions and all-weather, without being affected by light, water mist, and dust, and can bypass or avoid obstacles autonomously, making flying safer.

The T30 is also equipped with dual FPV cameras, so the pilot can easily grasp the scene of the aircraft from the screen during flight, making flying more secure. At the same time, the area of ​​the camera head is increased by 3 times, combined with the bright searchlight, night work is more assured.

DJI T10 plant protection drone
DJI T10 Plant Protection Drone can be transported by one person when folded

The T30 uses a truss-type fuselage made of carbon fiber composite materials and a one-key locking folding arm design to achieve a strong and reliable high folding ratio, and the volume is reduced by 80% after folding. Independent cavity protection of the core module, plus triple structure guarantee design, circuit board potting and other treatments, the protection level of the whole machine reaches IP67, so that the T30 is not afraid of liquid medicine, dust, fertilizer, dust, water and corrosion.


On the other hand, the T10 is equipped with a 10L working box, standard with 4 pressure nozzles, and the spray width can reach 5.5 meters. In the main structure, the truss-type fuselage made of carbon fiber composite materials is lightweight and ensures the strength of the whole machine. The new folding structure reduces the volume by 70% after folding. It supports quick insertion and removal of the operation box, simple transportation, and easier transfer operations. The measured field operation efficiency can reach 100 mu per hour.

Compared with other crop protection drones of the same level on the market, the T10 is not only lighter in size, but also leading in safety configuration and reliability. It inherits the “high specifications” of the T30, comes standard with RTK, front and rear dual FPV, spherical radar system, and IP67 protection. In terms of battery chargers, T10’s smart battery also has up to 1,000 safe cycles. When used with a smart charging station, two power sources can be operated continuously.

With the spreading system, the T10 can also implement variable fertilization operations, helping farmland management to reduce costs and increase efficiency and income.

The DJI T30 carries a price tag of 29,999 yuan (~$4526) for only the drone while the all-round kit is priced at 54,999 yuan (~$8298). While the T10 is priced at 19,999 Yuan (~$3017) for the drone only but the all-around set is priced at 34,999 Yuan (~$5280).

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