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DJI is building a new team that will work on self driving technology


The popular drone making brand, DJI, is apparently building a new team that will be working on developing self driving or autonomous technologies. The company has put up various job listings and has already begun hiring as well.


According to a BTTransport report, the Chinese tech giant is hiring engineers from various fields and backgrounds like the auto electronics, autonomous driving, in car software, and automobile industry, as per its recent job posts. People close to the matter added that DJI is planning on selling driver assist technology as well. This includes technology like LiDAR sensors, which is a crucial component of self driving vehicles, and other packaged solutions for autonomous driving functions.

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At the moment, the drone maker has yet to publicly announce this move. Although, the company has apparently been working on LiDAR technology and cameras for years now, as per the sources. Notably, the move from DJI arrives as various hardware and software based firms are racing to get a foothold in the automobile industry, especially in regards to autonomous vehicles and their future. Huawei is a great example of this with its HiCar

initiatives along with its work in developing Smart Roads in China.


Currently, DJI dominated the global small drone market with a massive share of 69 percent. Research and analytics based firms recently estimated that the market’s overall value is worth about 8.4 billion US Dollars and is even expected to grow further. For those unaware, the company got placed on the US Commerce Department’s Entity List back in December 2020, for allegedly facilitating human rights abuses in China.

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