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Did you know that the Apple Watch was built on an iPod Nano in its prototype stage?


Apple Watch is a remarkable product for reasons more than one, and to say that it defined an entire class of wearables would be an understatement. On the fifth anniversary of the original Apple Watch, former Apple design lead Imran Chaudhri revealed some interesting trivia behind the device.

Chaudhri revealed that his first Apple Watch prototype was built on a 6th gen iPod Nano strapped to a plain watch band. He added that the loop watchband was inspired by the Velcro Speedmaster straps worn by NASA astronauts for the Apollo moon missions.


Also, the Digital Touch feature on the Apple Watch was originally called E. T. (inspired by Steven Spielberg’s movie of the same name called E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

) because of its potential as a new form of emotional connection. Plus, the solar watch face was designed as a way for people to quickly see the position of the sun and observe the fast in Ramadan.

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