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Dashcam captures woman chasing after a summoned Tesla Model 3 thinking it was rolling away


Tesla may be selling more electric vehicles (EVs) by the day but there still quite a number of persons who don’t even know that the car offers way more than just no carbon emission. This was proven recently when a woman who perhaps didn’t realize Teslas have self-driving capabilities was caught on tape chasing one down the parking lot thinking it was rolling away, obviously trying to help out.


The video was captured by Tesla’s Sentry Mode onboard the Model 3. In case you don’t know, the Sentry Mode is a surveillance system integrated into the vehicles Autopilot cameras which can help capture incidents such as potential vandalism and others. The feature is actually a response to a spate of car vandalism targeted at Tesla owners in San Francisco’s Bay Area. The owner will have to plug in a storage device in any of the USB ports in the center console and footages both from the surveillance camera and dashcam will be stored there.

The footage which was shared by the Model 3 owner in Pennsylvania shows the woman jumping out of her own SUV and dashing after the Model 3 in a bid to stop the car from rolling. The owner even disclosed that the woman even attempted to stop it by putting her weight on the front left pillar but that wasn’t captured in the video.

The truth is the Smart Summon is a relatively new feature released by Tesla in September 2019 and so not many people may have seen it working. It allows owners to summon their Tesla cars from a maximum distance of 200 feet and as long as the car is within their line of sight, even in a difficult parking zone. The feature builds on the “Summon” which allows the car to only move a few feet in their driveway or from a tight parking space where there isn’t enough room for the owner to get inside the car.


Tesla is even planning to take things a step further by releasing a “reverse summon” which will give owners the leverage to disembark from the car at an entrance and have the car find a parking spot autonomously.



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