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Dangbei K1 Projector is the brand’s first 4K projector priced at 6699 yuan ($1025)


Dangbei has officially launched its first 4K projector dubbed Dangbei K1 Projector. The projector is on presale on at a price of 6,699 yuan ($1025)and will be on sale on September 29.Dangbei K1 ProjectorThe 4K resolution lens of Dangbei K1 Projector is composed of 9 special glass lenses . The light transmittance is excellent, the image is stable and not easily deformed. Among them, the low-dispersion lens coating can greatly retain the original color, making the projected 4K image closer to the true color of the movie.

It also supports dynamic HDR + HLG bis decoding technology can enhance screen contrast, full of bright and dark details.

Dangbei said that as a 4K projector, the color accuracy of Dangbei K1 projector is no worse than that of more expensive 4K projector.

The brightness of Dangbei K1 Projector is as high as 1850ANSI lumens, even in the daytime, you can enjoy the high-level and clear picture of the projector, without fear of the light source pressure during the day.


Global MEMC motion compensation, global speed autofocus, global non-inductive automatic keystone correction.Dangbei K1 Projector

In terms of performance, Dangbei projection K1 uses the MStar6A848 chip, and is also equipped with a 3G RAM + 64GB flash memory super storage combination , which makes the overall use of the machine smooth and non- stuttering, with a larger storage capacity.

Dangbei K1 Projector uses dual independent sound cavity units to create a three-dimensional 3D surround sound effect, carefully adjusted by five-star golden ear acoustic craftsmen to restore the full range of audio and video, and has a more three-dimensional surround sound effect than before.


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