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Cyber Monday gifts: Here are a few things that PS5 owner would love


Dualsense On FabricSource: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

Cyber Monday means there are plenty of deals for the holiday shopping season, but not everything is necessarily on sale. Whatever the case, you're probably looking for some gifts for those people in your life who love everything PlayStation. There are plenty of items out there that you can get rather than a boring gift card.

For the purpose of this list, we'll forego any of the obvious games and accessories you may be thinking of and instead we'll list some ideas outside of the box.

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DualShock Cookie Cutter

In need of a stocking stuffer? Grab this. It's technically not called a DualShock cookie cutter because of licensing, but it's pretty clear what it's supposed to be. Either way, this "nondescript video game controller" cookie cutter is the perfect way to ring in the holidays.

$7 at Amazon

PlayStation Icons Light

Liven up your living room a little with this light set featuring PlayStation's iconic face buttons. It offers three modes (normal, color phasing, and party) and it reacts to music. It's a neat accessory that hardcore PlayStation fans can appreciate.

$35 at Amazon

PlayStation Baseball Cap

Need to rep your PlayStation pride wherever you go? Time to grab a good ol' baseball cap. There's nothing special about this one other than it's design, but you shouldn't fix what isn't broken. It's a hat, plain and simple as that.

$16 at Amazon

PlayStation T-Shirt

Is your t-shirt collection in need of an overhaul? If you're like me, there are plenty of t-shirts in your dresser you don't wear anymore. Replace them with some new ones like this PlayStation shirt.


$20 at Amazon

PlayStation Water Bottle

One thing I notice that everyone my age carries with them is a water bottle. This metal PlayStation-themed bottle is officially licensed and won't easily break if you happen to drop it for any reason. We've all been there.

$17 at Amazon

PlayStation Digital Watch

This one is a little tacky for my taste, but I won't judge tour fashion choices. This watch is designed to look like the first PlayStation and features a digital clock. Overall, it's a neat little collectible.


$25 at Amazon

Now of course this doesn't mention any games or peripheral accessories for the PS5. Rest assured, there are a lot of PS5 deals to peruse this Cyber Monday. Maybe you're looking for the best PS5 games and accessories every owner needs, or you're looking to expand your PS5 storage right now (you shouldn't, but if you must then buy an external SSD or HDD).

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