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Coronavirus can be destroyed in just 2 minutes by this UV Light Robot


A new robot has been seeing growing use to disinfect hospitals. The machine is capable of destroying the Coronavirus in just under 2 minutes and might soon be adopted in public spheres as an effective method of removing the virus from populated regions.

Xenex LightStrike

Xenes Disinfection Services, which is based in Texas (US), recently announced the successful tests of the LightStrike robot against COVID-19. The machine which was also sold in Japan by Terumo, a medical equipment manufacturer, and emits light at wavelengths between 200 and 312 nanometers that decontaminate beds, doorknobs and other surfaces that people frequently come in contact with.

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In about two to three minutes, these ultraviolet radiations leave the virus too damaged to function normally. In other words, it breaks down it’s functioning, essentially impairing it. The robot has also been proven to work against multi-drug res istant bacteria and the Ebola virus as well. The LightStrike robot even has shown a 99.99 percent effectiveness in eliminating the coronavirus N95 masks.



At the moment, the robot is currently being utilized in over 500 health care facilities across the globe. Terumo had received the distribution rights back in 2017 and has been giving out the machine 15 million Yen (roughly 140,000 US Dollars). During this time of crisis, it is expected that the demand for the device will only increase, especially from hospitals and other medical institutions.

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