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Clubhouse has recorded over 8 million downloads on the App Store


Social networking app Clubhouse became a street session recently when it started courting increasing interests. The growing popularity of the app has even prompted social media giants Twitter and Facebook to commence work on similar features. Although the app is exclusive to iOS at the moment, that has not slowed down its popularity.Clubhouse

A research firm App Annie has released data that shows that the Clubhouse app has seen over 8.1 million downloads globally so far as of February 16. What makes the surprising is that as of February 1, the app had only been downloaded 3.5 million times. Thus, the number of users grew by more than 100% within a 16-day period.

The research reveals that the app’s popularity is widespread in the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Turkey. However, that doesn’t explain the sudden exponential growth. What we can suggest is responsible for the high numbers may be the growing number of influential personalities that have been shown to use the app such as Tesla founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, both of whom have already created a Clubhouse account and interacted with other users on the app. There are several other high-profile personalities and celebrities who constantly interact with other users using the new app.


The Clubhouse app is a unique social networking app that is based entirely on audio chats. The app allows users to create and join rooms populated with other people who can all interact with each other in real-time. Privacy isn’t an issue as it is not possible to record the conversations.


The company is reportedly working hard to make the app available in a stable version and also to allow more users to register without an invitation. Clubhouse is also looking to roll out the app for Android users.



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