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Chromebooks performed exceptionally well in Q3 2020 by growing 122% YoY


Canalys has published a report on Global PC Market Q3 2020. This report not only consists of notebooks and desktops but also includes tablets. According to it, the entire market grew by 23% YoY with 124.5 million units in shipments. Chromebooks were the best-performing client PC product and the tablet market remained strong second quarter in a row.

HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Featured
HP Elite c1030 Chromebook

As per the report, Lenovo led the overall PC market by shipping 23.5 million units. Whereas, Apple, HP, Dell, and Samsung came second, third, fourth, and fifth respectively. Apple and Samsung made the top 5 list solely because of their tablets. This clearly explains the tablet market’s 43% YoY growth as the shipments reached 44.3 million units.

Talking about client PC products, Chromebooks performed exceptionally well by growing 122% YoY with shipments of 9.5 million units. Their success was mostly because of educational institutions and SMBs. HP was the market leader by shipping 3.2 million units, followed by Lenovo, Dell

, Acer, and Asus. However, Lenovo was the best-performing brand with a whopping 351.2% YoY growth.

Coming to tablets, unsurprisingly, Apple led the market with 15.2 million units in shipments. Whereas, Samsung in second place only shipped 9 million units. Further, Huawei, Amazon, and Lenovo captured third, fourth, and fifth positions respectively. Interestingly, Huawei

continued to remain strong in Europe even with the lack of GMS (Google Mobile Services) on its tablets.

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Global PC Market Q3 2020 Shipments Canalys

Global Chromebook Market Q3 2020 Shipments Canalys

Global Tablet Market Q3 2020 Shipments Canalys

Global Client PC Product Market Q3 2020 Canalys

Also, it is worth noting that Q3 2020 was the only quarter other than Q2 2020 in which the tablet market grew since 2015. So we can say that the pandemic resurrected tablets from the dead after five years.

Last but not least, the overall desktop market declined by 32% YoY, however, AIO (All-in-One) category grew by 7% YoY.

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