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Chrome OS to get a native screen recorder, new voices for its screen reader, and more


Chrome OS will be getting new features in the near future, most of which are centered around education. One of the key features is support for screen recording and it will be available in March.

Screen recording will come in handy for teachers and students who have to record lessons and reports. You don’t have to be a schoolteacher or student to find it useful. If you create tutorial videos, you will find it useful too.

Screen recorder for Chrome OS

ChromeVox, the Chrome OS screen reader, will also be getting new features such as the ability to search ChromeVox menus and a voice switching feature that automatically changes the screen reader’s voice based on the language of the text.

Google says it will also make it possible for parents to add a Google Workspace for Education account to their child’s Google account that is managed with Family Link. This feature allows parents to be able to monitor their kids with Family Link even though the kids are using a school account.

In the blog post by Google, the tech giant says it will be launching over 40 new Chromebooks this year. These Chromebooks will include models that are convertible, allowing them to double as a laptop and tablet. They will also come with a stylus for taking notes and editing, a touchscreen, dual cameras, and features to help them create podcasts, draw, and publish digital books.


All of them will have features that allow them to provide exceptional Google Meet and Zoom experiences right out of the box says Google. There will also be LTE versions for those who are in countries with limited access to the internet or countries with strong mobile broadband networks.


A list of Chromebooks will be made available to make it easy for schools to choose from.



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