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Chrome OS may soon allow you to cast your phone to your Chrome OS device


Screen mirroring allows you to cast your device to another. For example, if you own a Windows device, you can use the Your Phone app to cast your phone’s screen to your computer. A similar feature may soon be available for Chrome OS.

Back in September, a flag found on the Chromium Gerrit revealed that a feature called Phone Hub was in development. The feature will allow for better communication between Chrome OS and Android devices giving users the ability to receive notifications from their Android device on their Chrome OS device. But that is not all.

Chrome OS 88 Lock screen

The feature will also allow users to sync Chrome tabs between the two devices, find their missing phone, turn on DND mode, and also reply to notifications on their Chromebooks.

It has now been discovered by 9to5Google that Phone Hub may get a feature that practically mirrors your phone’s screen on your Chromebook. However, this feature may be exclusive to Pixel phones. The new flag is listed as #eche-swa where “eche” is Spanish for “throw” or “cast” and SWA is System Web App.

A description for the flag says that the web app is related to a video feed being broadcast over WebRTC. XDA-Developers have said that the reason why it is exclusive to Google’s Pixel line of smartphones is that the Javascript for the Eche app is found in a Google source folder that is specific to Pixel phones. However, we hope it will be made available for other smartphones, so rather than it being Pixel-exclusive, it will be Pixel-first much like how Instant Tethering was.


There is no info on when the feature will go live but it should arrive this year. The main Phone Hub feature is already for very few users but that too should get a wider roll-out in the coming weeks.



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