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Chrome OS is getting a screen recorder, Google Workspace for Education makes its debut


Google has today made a slew of announcements covering the new features and upgrades that the company is planning across its education and learning-focused product portfolio. Earlier today, the company detailed a ton of new features that will make life easier for teachers who rely on Google Meet for online classes. In a bid to add more convenience to the whole online teaching process, the company is bringing a native screen recording tool to Chrome OS devices.

The search giant has assured that the next major Chrome OS update scheduled to roll out in March will bring a native screen recording tool. This will come in handy especially for students, who will be able to able to record their lectures with ease and can reference them again when needed. Here’s how the feature will look in action:

Google Workspace for Education is here

In other news, Google is rebranding G Suite for Education and will now sell it as Google Workspace for Education, offering the full suite of its productivity tools such as Classroom, Google Meet, Calendar, Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and Drive to name a few. Following the rebranding, the free tier of G Suite for Education becomes Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals.


G Suite for Education becomes Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals

In addition to the free tier that will be available to institutions which qualify on the basis of certain criterion, there will be three paid tiers with varied benefits and access to more advanced educational tools

. These include Google Workspace for Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Google Workspace for Education Plus (previously offered as G Suite Enterprise for Education).

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals and Google Workspace for Education Plus (priced at $5 per student on an annual basis) are already available, while Google Workspace for Education Standard ($3 per student for a year) and Teaching and Learning Upgrade ($4 per license for a month) will be up for grabs soon. Following is a detailed breakdown of how each Workspace for Education tier differs from the rest:

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