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Caviar’s custom PlayStation 5 costs $500k and adds 4.5kg of gold to the removable plates


Caviar, the Russian luxury business has announced its customized PlayStation 5 will sell for $499,000!!! What do you get for the almost 100,000% increase in price? You get a console covered in 4.5 kilograms of 18-carat gold and a crocodile leather-clad controller!

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock b

There will only be nine of these consoles made and Caviar says it has received more than 1,342 applications including from the NBA star, Lebron James. There are also some unnamed Russian and American businessmen who have expressed their interest in purchasing one.

The Gold Sony PlayStation 5 Golden Rock as it is officially called will be assembled from 8 sheets that have been cast in solid gold. From the images, it appears Caviar is only selling the digital edition of the PlayStation 5.

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Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Alligator

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Carbon

We know most of our readers can’t afford the PlayStation 5 Golden Rock, don’t feel bad, we can’t too. Nevertheless, Caviar has two other more affordable versions. There is an Alligator leather version with bits of 24-carat gold that is priced at $8140. There will be 99 pieces of this version.


The third version is the Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Carbon and it is covered in the “most durable car carbon”. The gamepad also gets the same treatment. The price tag on this version is $5830 and just like the Alligator edition, there will be 99 pieces made available too.




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