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Caviar Origin concept smartphone design showcases gold-plated keypad


Caviar is a Russian brand that offers luxury smartphones based on Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series. Now, the company seems to be working on something different and unique, which has been revealed as Caviar Origin.

The company has announced a concept smartphone called Caviar Origin. The device is just a concept phone and it remains to be seen if the company continues using the same design and material for the phone that is launched commercially.

Caviar  Origin Concept Smartphone


As for the design, the Caviar Origin comes with a screen and a physical keypad at the bottom. It is not known if the display is touchscreen or not. Given that it’s a luxury phone, the keypad is gold-plated.

The smartphone runs the Android operating system out-of-the-box and thus, can run any compatible Android application. Currently, nothing more is known about this smartphone but we expect to get more information in the coming months.

The Caviar Origin smartphone will be made available for purchase in the fourth quarter of this year. Given that it is just a prototype at the moment, there’s a possibility that the phone may go through some minor changes.

As for the pricing, the device is suggested to have a starting price of $6,000 but for the final price, we will have to wait for the official announcement because of the cost associated with the precious metals and gemstones. It also remains to be seen in which markets the company plans to launch this smartphone.




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