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Caviar made a $500K PlayStation 5


Caviar is known for making luxury electronic items by adding the most expensive materials including diamond and gold on the already-existing products. The brand has now announced that it is making a custom PlayStation 5 for $499,000. For the unaware, the regular PS5 costs $500. So what do you get for a 100,000% increase in price? The answer is, gold!

Caviar has made a console covered in 4.5 kilograms of 18-carat gold and a crocodile leather-clad controller, which makes it a $500K PS5. According to the company, only nine of these consoles will be made. Moreover, it says that it has already received more than 1,342 applications including from the NBA star, Lebron James.

Caviar Sony PlayStation 5

“Since December 28, the company has received 1,342 applications for the new product. Among those who showed interest in Golden Rock was the famous basketball player LeBron James, the company also received inquiries from a well-known Russian businessman living outside Russia and an equally famous American businessman in the IT field, whose names are not to be disclosed,” wrote


Golden Rock is assembled from 8 sheets that have been cast in solid gold. As per the images, it seems like the Caviar is only selling the digital edition of the PlayStation 5.


The company will also create premium versions of the product made of carbon and leather. These premium custom versions of the PlayStation 5 in black leather and carbon on the official Caviar online store will start from $5 830. There is an Alligator leather version with bits of 24-carat gold that is priced at $8140. Caviar will make 99 pieces of these PlayStation 5 units.

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