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Cases and Screen Protectors are a thing for smartwatches and Here’s Why you Should get One


More than a year ago, my Amazfit Bip Watch fell off the table and landed flat on its face. It was vibrating and it kept shifting to the edge till it eventually fell. When I picked it up, the screen was cracked and a portion of the display was messed up.

In my search for a replacement screen, which I didn’t find, I found that there were screen protectors and cases for the Amazfit Bip. If I had either or both, my watch would most likely have survived that fall. You can be sure the first accessory I bought when my wife gifted me a new smartwatch was a case.

Smartwatch screen protector and case featured

Screen protectors and cases are not only for phones and tablets

Screen protectors and protective cases are accessories associated with mobile phones and tablets. However, following the popularity of smartwatches, these accessories are now being made for wearables.

So should you get a screen protector and or case for your smartwatch?

We think you should for the following reasons:

Much-Needed protection

We know the chances of a watch falling from your wrist is very slim, however, falls are not the only things you are protecting your smartwatch from. A lot of watches don’t have a scratch-resistant screen and some watches have cases that are made from materials that are prone to scratches. The addition of a case and or screen protector provides much-needed protection from these unfortunate occurrences.

Better second-hand value

If you have ever had to buy a used device, one of the factors you pay attention to is the appearance of the device. Used devices for sale are even graded on their appearance, thus, the newer looking a device is, the higher the price it will go for. If you intend to sell your smartwatch in the future, a case and or screen protector is a sensible investment as it will protect your device and help you to get a better offer when you are ready to sell.


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Screen protectors provide protection from scratches | Image source: AliExpress

Some cases have a built-in screen protector | Image source: AliExpress

Smartwatch Case
While others add style to your smartwatch | Image source: AliExpress
Adds style

Just as there are different types of cases for phones, so also do you have a variety of cases for smartwatches. Some cases give a watch that otherwise has a classic design, a sports-like look. While others give a bland-looking smartwatch, a bit of color. These cases are also pretty cheap, so you can pick up multiple colors or designs to match your watch strap and give your smartwatch a new look, whenever you feel like it.


So you see, cases and screen protectors are not only important and necessary accessories for your smartphones but also for your smartwatches.

Do you use a screen protector or case for your smartwatch? Let us know in the comment box below.



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