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Can you buy the Samsung Galaxy Note20 unlocked?


The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is now out in the wild. It offers capable camera hardware, truckloads of productivity features, the great S Pen, and the whole shebang. You know the drill, right? It’s a Galaxy Note after all! In case you’ve already made up your mind about purchasing the Galaxy Note 20, you must now be wondering whether it is available unlocked. Because let’s just put it in simple words – buying an unlocked phone is the best way to avoid the hassles that come with a carrier-locked device. So, can you get the Galaxy Note20 in the an unlocked state?

The answer is YES. Yes, you can buy (pre-order, at the moment) unlocked units of the Galaxy Note20 duo. Right now, you can pre-order an unlocked Galaxy Note20 (or Galaxy Note20 Ultra) from Samsung’s official online store, Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H, with a few offers in tow. Just click on the links below to pre-order one:


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The Samsung Store will let you save up to $500 with a trade-in and is also offering a $100 store credit that can be used towards the purchase of other products such as earbuds or smartwatches from Samsung.

Pre-order at Samsung


Amazon has currently listed the Galaxy Note20 up for pre-orders at $999.99, with all three colors – Mystic Green, Mystic Grey and Mystic Bronze – up for grabs right now.


Pre-order at Amazon

Best Buy

Best Buy is taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 20 at a discounted $949.99 price tag if you choose the quick activation route, alongside the $100 store credit.

Pre-order at Best Buy


B&H is also accepting the Galaxy Note20 pre-orders right now in the US, and just like the official Samsung Store, it is also offering the $100 credit with the flagship.

Pre-order at B&H

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