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Can I use my iPhone 8 cases with the iPhone SE?


Maybe the last iPhone you bought was the iPhone 8. This device was launched in 2017, so it has been by your side for more than two years. You may have been really careful with your device, and you’ve probably had to get a couple of cases to keep it safe. However, right now seem like the right time to get a better phone, and the recently launched iPhone SE may be the phone that you’ve been waiting for.

Now, what can you do with all the cases you own, should you try to sell them or throw them away? Well, you could also keep them. Remember that the new iPhone SE has a design that looks identical to the iPhone 8

, but will your iPhone 8 cases fit your new iPhone SE? The answer is yes, but you should have a couple of things in mind before you decide to use them or not.

iPhone SE vs iPhone XR

The design of the new iPhone SE is identical to the one found in the iPhone 8. This means that you may perfectly use an iPhone 8 case to protect your new device. However, one thing has changed. The position of the Apple logo on the iPhone SE has shifted to the center of the phone, while it used to be placed higher on the iPhone 8. This alignment started taking place with the arrival of the iPhone 11, so Apple may have decided to keep the current placing in the SE to make it look modern. In other words, you may want to think twice before buying a case with a circular cut-out for the Apple logo since it won’t match its placement on the SE.


If you decide on getting yourself a new transparent iPhone 8 case, then nobody will be able to tell the difference since all the ports and cut-outs are the same, and the size and thickness of the device are also the same.

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