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Bring everything you need with these Google Pixel 5 wallet cases


Wallet Cases for Google Pixel 5
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So, you've picked up the new Google Pixel 5 and you're looking for the perfect case. If you want to minimize the number of things you carry around in your pockets, you should consider getting the best Pixel 5 wallet case. That way your credit cards, ID, and loose cash are all stored with your phone. Oh, and don't forget to pick up one of the best Google Pixel 5 screen protectors while you're at it. Without further ado, here are the best Google Pixel 5 wallet cases.

Simple elegance:

Feitenn Pixel 5 Wallet Case

Staff Pick

With slots for up to three credit cards, a cash pocket, and a flip cover that closes with a snap, this wallet case is sure to provide everything you need.

$11 at Amazon

Paint the town red:

Arae Case for Google Pixel 5

This goregous wallet case offers four credit card slots, along with a money pocket for any loose change or bills. On top of that, the case doubles as a stand so you can prop up your phone hands-free when you're watching YouTube. Get it in black or red.

$13 at Amazon

Secret wallet:

VENA vCommute Wallet Case

Looking for a more discreet way to carry your credit cards and cash around? The VENA Wallet Case looks like your average phone accessory, but features a card slot hidden under a leather cover. You can also use that same cover as a kisckstand when you want to use your phone hands-free.

$30 at Amazon

Rugged protection:

Yogurt Genuine Leather Wallet Cover

Made with genuine leather, this beautiful wallet case not only looks good, but feels good too. There are slots for three credit cards and the cover snaps shut with a button. You can get it in brown, dark brown, green, or oil leather.

$30 at Amazon

Oh snap:

Feitenn Google Pixel 5 Flip Case

You can't go wrong with this vibrant wallet case. It's made of TPU leather and offers two credit card slots as well as a bill pocket. The case doubles as a kickstand and snaps shut using magnets. It also comes in black, gray, and red.

$11 at Amazon

That's a lot of cards:

Newseego Google Pixel 5 Faux PU Leather Case

Have several credit cards that you need to keep on you? This Newseego wallet case offers nine credit card slots and comes in three fantastic colors: a glittery rose gold, a sparkly silver, and a royal purple. It also features a wrist strap and doubles as a phone stand so you can watch your favorite shows while you're busy doing something else.

$13 at Amazon

Zip it:

LBYZCASE Google Pixel 5 Case

Not only does this leather case offer a bill pocket and six credit card slots, but it also has a zippered pocket where you can store reciepts, loose change, or other small items. A smooth leather flap keeps your Pixel 5's screen safe from scratches and the case also doubles as a kickstand.

$15 at Amazon

Call me slim:

Shields Up Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case

If you don't like the idea of a bulky wallet case, then this slim TPU leather phone case will do the trick. It has slots for three credit cards, closes with a magnetic clip, and works as a sturdy kickstand. If that wasn't enough, that brown leather coloring gives it a sleek look.


$14 at Amazon

Extra space:

N0 Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case

Want something that can hold a lot more than the average wallet case? Then this is the option for you. It comes in four different colors and offers both a dedicated photo slot and 17 credit card slots. The various flaps hold themselves closed with the snap of a button and it also can be used to prop up your Pixel 5.

$24 at Amazon

Keep it all together with the best Google Pixel 5 wallet cases

There are plenty of wallet cases available for the Pixel 5, but these ones really are the best. When you're deciding which one is best your for needs, you should consider how many credit card slots you need, how well the case protects your phone's screen, and if the case offers any other conveniences, like a kickstand.

The Feitenn Pixel 5 Wallet Case is our top pick because it offers an elegant design that can look good in any scenario and also offers three credit card slots as well as a dollar pouch. If you want to watch a show, you can easily prop your phone up using the case cover and watch hands-free.


If you don't want to draw attention to the fact that your phone is doubling as a wallet, then you should definitely go for the VENA vCommute Wallet Case. At a first glance, it looks like a normal phone accessory, but a small, movable flap reveals a credit card slot that easily works with Google Pay when it's shut. Not to mention, the flap doubles as a kickstand to prop up your phone.

Sometimes going slim isn't your aim. If you want a Pixel 5 wallet case that can hold a bunch of cards, family photos, and maybe an accessory or two, then the N0 Google Pixel 5 Wallet Case should be high on your list. It offers 11 credit card slots as well as a dedicated photo slot. Plus, you can even secure your earbuds inside of it using the interior belt buckle.

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