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Breaker – the podcast app with a social element – is now a part of Twitter


The podcast wars are truly heating. Merely days after Amazon acquired podcast-maker Wondery and merged it with its Amazon Music division, another podcast platform has fallen into the lap of a tech giant. Breaker, the self-proclaimed podcast app with a social media touch – has been acquired by Twitter. Financial details of Twitter’s Breaker acquisition have not been revealed yet, but there is some bad news for folks who used the Breaker app for listening to podcasts as well as creators who hosted their content on the platform.

Breaker app and website shut down on January 15

“Today we’re excited to announce that the Breaker team is joining Twitter! Leah and I have long been enthusiastic users of Twitter, and we’re now looking forward to helping create new experiences for the Twitter community,” CEO Eric Berlin wrote in a blog post. The company has announced that it will be shutting down the Breaker mobile apps as well as the website on January 15.

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What is – or was – Breaker?

But before we go ahead, there’s a little something about Breaker you should know. In addition to being a podcast listening app, Breaker added a few social features such as the ability to follow other users or gain followership, leaving comments on an episode, posting emoji reactions at a specific point in an episode, the ability to like content, create playlists, and share them on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It also had a guest mode that didn’t require any user sign-in.


Where does this leave users and creators?

Breaker has asked users and creators to select another platform

For Breaker app users, the company suggests they move to another podcast app. If they have an existing subscription, it can be transferred to another podcast app. This can be done by exporting an OPML file from the Breaker app and opening that file in another podcast app such as Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, and Pocket Casts to name a few.


As for creators who hosted their podcast on Breaker, they’ve been advised to move to another hosting service via the RSS feed. Detailed instruction for exporting OPML files (for podcast listeners) and switching the podcast hosting platform (for creators) can be found on this page.

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Twitter is doubling down on the power of voice

Voice is the next growth avenue for Twitter

As for Twitter itself, we’re still in the dark about how the Breaker acquisition will fit into its grander plans. But lately, the social media giant has been focusing on the medium of voice. The company recently introduced audio tweets and later brought that experience to DMs as well. And just last month, Twitter’s voice-based chatroom platform called Spaces went live among a small circle of users.

Twitter has yet to make a major move in the world of podcasts, but the Breaker acquisition sends the message loud and clear regarding its plans for voice. And in the light of its recent moves, the company is undoubtedly doubling down on the power of voice as another medium to push the boundaries of its own platform, while also offering users an alternative way to express themselves.

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