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BOE to contribute less than one tenth of OLED shipments for Apple in 2021: Report


Recently, a report said that Apple would account for more than 50% of flexible OLED shipments in 2021. Now, the same Korean media says that Samsung could be the top beneficiary with BOE scraping a small part.

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As mentioned above, an earlier report speculates that Apple will ship about 160 to 180 million OLED iPhones in 2021. Apparently, the prediction includes both the current iPhones(iPhone 12 series) and the upcoming one(Tentative: iPhone 13). Now, a report by the TheElec says(via Mydrivers) that Samsung Display will contribute to about 140 million shipments out of the total.

That is, it will supply about 140 million OLED panels to Apple which is more than 70% of the total shipments of the company. So that works out to about 30-40 million remaining units. Out of this, if the report is true, BOE will account for about 10 million.

Although it’s less than one-tenth of the entire shipments, it’s better than worst considering the year it has had with vendors. After failing to lure Samsung for the Galaxy S21 orders, it reportedly failed Apple’s test yet again recently. Now, one might wonder how will BOE get orders if it failed the quality control test. Here’s where the catch lies.

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BOE is expected to re-apply for Apple’s evaluation next year, and if it gets through, it might be able to supply refurbished iPhone 12

models. Although the report doesn’t rule out the possibility of that becoming void, let’s hope for the best. Anyway, the rest of the 30 million orders will be fulfilled by LG Display(about 20%).

Besides, the report also mentions the shipments LG’s POV(Point Of View). Accordingly, if LG exceeds 40 million units, Samsung’s orders will sit around 120-130 million and BOE, the rest. Precisely, despite the discrepancy, BOE is expected to cover only around 10 million OLED panels.

That said, a 60-80%YoY surge in OLED shipments is due to the fact that Apple switched the entire iPhone 12

lineup to OLED in 2020. And it is bound to follow the route going forward. Speaking of which, the next iPhone(iPhone 13) is likely to have a 120Hz display. If the report is true, two of them would have LTPO(Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) display designed by Apple.

Assuming the two would be the Pro variants, we can also expect them to get an upgrade in ultra-wide camera with an f/1.8 aperture and a 6P lens. Other leaks point to an Apple A15 Bionic SoC, 1TB storage option, and a possible inclusion of Touch-ID.

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