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Blackview’s donated masks shipment arrives in Italy to fight the spread of COVID-19


Blackview has come forward to help by donating fifty thousand medical masks in Italy. The donated masks have finally arrived in the country and were handed over to the Aid centre officials. The shipment boxes came with a tag line printed “Everything will be all right. Keep Fighting” to boost the spirit of everyone fighting against the pandemic. These masks are direly needed by the frontline professionals and the people in need.

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The company also extended its kind gesture by donating the masks to other countries like France, Romania, the Czech Republic, Portugal and others. The company believes, “people all over the world will win the fight against the disease with the concerted effort at last.”

Most of the countries across the globe are reeling under COVID-19 pandemic. These gestures will not only boost the morale of medical practitioners but also helps in healing the patients.

blackview masks

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