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Blackview BV6600 rugged smartphone with 8580 mAh battery debuts for sale at $129.99


Blackview recently unveiled a new rugged smartphone – BV 6600 featuring a massive 8580 mAh battery. Apart from the usual bulgy rugged designs, the Blackview BV6600 offers a slim and beautiful body. It offers needed durability from the usual drops and provides top-level water resistance. The device is now retailing for $129.99 inclusive of a 25% discount until a short span of time.

Must See: Blackview BV6600 rugged smartphone goes official with 8580 mAh battery

Blackview BV6600 packs some exciting specifications while carrying an 8580 mAh battery which outsmarts other rugged smartphones. The battery can trade-off 792 hours of standby time and 430 hours of 4G/WiFi time. The presence of dual electric cores technology enables safer use of the device.

It h as fared quite well against the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the ultimate battery test. Moreover, you can watch the BV6600 unboxing video below to know the device in a better way.



Blackview BV6600 is far better than a normal device as it is manufactured to resist water, drops, shock and daily rough usage. It packs a sophisticated design and technique to offer such durability. The thickened rubber corner is attached to the metal frame via screws to offer a sturdy and robust design.

It can bring you peace of mind as the user need not worry about the battery while on extensive outdoor usage. Moreover, it offers a reverse charging feature that allows other devices to get charged.

Underwater photography is not a luxury nowadays, the Blackview BV6600 waterproof design can enable you to capture beautiful snaps underwater. A special Underwater mode shifts the camera controls to the hardware keys making it easy to capture snaps underwater.

Blackview BV6600 is available at the special price of $129.99. The discounted price will continue till March 14 PST. You can head over to the official website to know more.

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