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Black Shark 4 (PSR-A0) series phone’s images suggest it could be an affordable smartphone


Two upcoming Black Shark 4 lineup smartphones with KSR-A0 and PRS-A0 model numbers were recently seen at the Google Play Console. The PRS-A0 model has now received certification from the TENAA authority of China. The listing has no information on its specs. The images that have appeared in the listing suggest that it may debut as an affordable gaming smartphone from Black Shark.

The Black Shark phones that have launched in the past have a gaming-centric rear design. However, the PSR-A0 rear design deviates from the predecessor models as it has a plain appeal. The top portion of the back panel has a horizontal camera setup that has three cameras and an LED flash.

A pair of gaming trigger buttons and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor are available on the right of the Black Shark PSR-A0 smartphone. A volume rocker is available on the left side of the phone.

Black Shark 4 PSR-A0 TENAA images
Black Shark 4 PSR-A0 TENAA images

Moving to the front, the Black Shark PSR-A0 smartphone has a flat display. It seems to feature a selfie camera cutout at the top-center. The predecessor Black Shark 2

series and Black Shark 3 series of smartphones are all fitted with AMOLED display and in-screen fingerprint readers. The inclusion of a side-mounted fingerprint reader on the PSR-A0 indicates that it could be equipped with an LCD screen. Moreover, the plain rear design suggests that the PSR-A0 could be arriving as an affordable gaming smartphone.

In terms of specs, the Google Play Console listing of the device revealed that it is powered by Snapdragon 865 and 12 GB of RAM. It boots to Android 11 OS and produces a Full HD+ resolution. It is recommended to wait for newer reports to know its other specifications and final product name.



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