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Best Prime Day 2020 fire pit deals


FirepitSource: Amazon

Winter is coming, and what better way to spice up your outdoor gatherings than with a fire pit from Amazon on Prime Day. Amazon's fire pit offerings are portable and lightweight, meaning you can pick them up and put them down anywhere, in a garden, or a neighbors house, or out on the trails.



This 24-inch offering is $20 off for Prime Day

Weighing just 7 lbs, this pop-up firepit can be assembled in just 60 seconds but can support up to 125 lbs worth of fuel, perfect for those longs nights under the stars.

$79 at Amazon

Fire pit mini:

Onefeng Sports Portable Outdoor Camping Fire Pit

This tiny firepit measures just 16.5-inches, making it super portable.

$15 at Amazon

Middle of the pack:

SUCHDECO Portable Fire Pit Outdoor

The Suchdeco fire pit is great for outdoor wood burning, camping, barbecues, and more. It comes in three possible sizes up to 28-inches (X-Large) so there is an option for everyone.


$40 at Amazon

The foundation:

Ember Mat 67" x 60"

Regardless of which fire pit you go for, this 67×60-inch ember mat is a great way to protect the area around your fire from getting damaged, as well as making clean up after easier. It can even be staked into the ground to stop the wind from taking out your barbecue!

$55 at Amazon

Fire pits are a 2020 staple

Socializing in 2020 has never been more different, so these Prime Day deals on fire pits really are a unique way to liven up your outdoor gatherings. All of them benefit from portability making them perfect to take away on camping trips, assembly is quick and easy, and they can hold enough fuel to keep the party going all night long.

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