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Best Power Adapters for the iPhone 12 series


The iPhone 12 series introduced a host of firsts such as 5G support, a LiDAR sensor, Ceramic Shield protection, and new camera tricks. However, there’s another aspect that caught the attention of tech media and potential buyers alike – Apple’s decision to not bundle a charging brick in the retail package. Apple removed the charger from iPhone 12 series’ retail box to reduce e-waste, which is acceptable to a certain extent. But for first-time iPhone buyers who don’t necessarily have an Apple charger lying around, the prospect of spending extra cash on a power adapter after shelling out $699 or more on an iPhone 12 series device is not all too appealing.

If you happen to fall in the latter category, or simply don’t have a spare charger eating dust in a cabinet, you’ll have to buy one. We’ve compiled a handy list of the best power adapters for the iPhone 12 series that you’ll definitely find helpful. Before we get to the list, do keep in mind that the iPhone 12 series only supports fast charging with chargers that have an output of 20W or higher. Let’s get to the list now:

    Aukey Omnia Mini 20W USB charger

    Pocketable power

    Starting with the most affordable option, the Aukey Omnia Mini is a tiny 20W charger that is a portability dream. It also supports the USB Power Delivery 3.0, which means it is good enough to juice an iPad Pro, while Quick Charge certification ensures that it plays well with Android devices too.
    Anker Nano 20W Charger

    Tiny convenience

    The Anker Nano 20W charging adapter is also one of the smallest products of its kind on the list. It is claimed to be 3x faster than the 5W charger Apple used to bundle with iPhones in the past until last year. Plus, it can charge Android devices, iPads and wearables too.
    RAVPower 30W 2-Port Fast Charger

    Slim and versatile

    This RAVPower brick has a USB Type-A and USB Type-C port, offering a combined output of 30W. The USB Type-C port supports Power Delivery 3.0 and can fast charge the iPhone 12’s battery to the halfway mark in just 30 minutes. It has a foldable plug and weighs just 2.0 ounces.
    Anker 30W 2 Port Fast Charger

    Gets the job done

    Anker’s 30W 2 Port Fast Charger is pocket-friendly, both in terms of size and pricing. The USB Type-C Power Delivery port has a maximum output of 18W, which means it won’t kick off fast charging on the iPhone 12 series, but the 18W wattage will still be enough to replenish its battery at a respectable rate.
    Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter

    Apple’s own warrior

    Apple’s new 20W USB Type-C charger costs less than the 18W power brick the company has been selling separately for a while now. With an output of 20W, it fulfills the charging brick criteria of fast charging on the iPhone 12 series, and can also be used to top up the iPad Pro’s battery as well.
    AUKEY Swift 30W USB C Charger

    The Slim Jim

    Just like the RAVPower 30W 2-Port Fast Charger, Aukey’s tiny 30W charging adapter has two ports – USB A and USB C. The 18W Power Delivery 3.0 port can kick off fast charging on your phone (not the iPhone 12) and can also top up other devices like Android phones, tablets, and Nintendo Switch.
    RAVPower 61W PD GaN Charger Fast Charger

    For power users

    The The RAVPower 61W PD Fast Charger uses the more efficient GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology instead of silicon. It has a single USB C port, but can be used to fill the tank inside your iPhone 12 series device as well as a wide range of other gadgets such as iPads, laptops, and Android phones.
    AUKEY Omnia 65W 2-Port Fast Charger

    All in one

    Just like the RAVPower adapter mentioned above, the AUKEY Omnia 65W 2-port fast charger also uses the GaN tech. And even if both ports are being used, the USB Type – C outlet can deliver 45W of power, which means it can fast charge the iPhone 12 series and can also juice up your laptop and tablets with ease.
    Belkin USB-PD GaN Charger 30W

    The flexible choice

    Another charger on this list that uses the GaN technology is Belkin’s 30W USB-C charger. It can charge iPhone 8 or later models up to the 50% mark in just 30 minutes, while the MacBook Air’s battery can be juiced up to the halfway mark in 70 minutes, which is not too shabby.

That sums up our list of the best power adapters for the iPhone 12 series. If I were to pick one (which I am pretty sure I have to because the iPhone 12 Mini’s charm is irresistible to me), I’d go with the Anker Nano 20W charger. This charger is tiny but provides enough juice to fast charge any iPhone 12 model you buy. And since I am on the move a lot, the convenience of having a power adapter that I can easily fit in a bag, or even my jeans pocket, is extremely appealing to me.

However, if you want more bangs for your bucks and value versatility, the AUKEY Omnia 65W 2-Port fast charger is the one you should to your cart. It is neither too heavy nor too expensive at $37.99, especially considering the fact it opts for the more efficient GaN technology which is better at heat management. Plus, 45W Power Delivery output ensures that you can charge your MacBook, iPad, or any other laptop simultaneously with your iPhone 12. Actually, I will most likely pick this one too down the road, because carrying a bulky laptop is just another hassle.

And case your iPhone 12 shopping list also includes other accessories, check out our articles detailing the best screen protectors for the iPhone 12 and the best protective cases for the iPhone 12.

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