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Best Macbook Air 2020 cases: Protect your new Apple Silicon laptop!


The new MacBook Air with the Apple M1 chip inside is arguably the most powerful thin-and-light laptops out there in the market Plus, it also flaunts an anodized build that looks quite clean. Having used a MacBook in the past, I can vouch for their sturdy build, but scratches and bumps arrive unannounced, and those scuff marks and flattened edges look ugly. Needless to say, a protective solution is a no-brainer. We’ve rounded up the best MacBook Air 2020 cases, and have also thrown in sleeves for that added dash of versatility. Have a look:

    belkin macbook air sleeve

    Affordable guard

    Made out of Neopro, the ultra-affordable Belkin MacBook Air sleeve has a self-retracting handle, soft-fleet interior lining, zipper closure, and looks quite minimalist as well.
    caselogic memory foam sleeve

    Superior care

    Made out of high quality memory foam to offer betterprotection against mechanical damage, the Caselogic Memory foam sleeve has padded interior, plush lining and scratch resistant surface.
    incipio rickhouse macbook air sleeve
    For fans of vintage fashion the Incipio Rickhouse Padded Burlap Sleeve for MacBook Air offers a padded interior with striped textile lining, a rugged exterior and retro inspired labeling.
     kalidi macbook air sleeve

    Classy Looks

    One of thr best-looking sleeves on the list, the Kalidi sleeve is made out of sturdy poly urethane material with a velvet internal lining, and comes with a stanadlone pouch for accessories as well.
     ibenzer macbook air clear case

    Clear protection

    Need a case that doesn’t hide the industrial good looks of the slim Apple laptop while also guarding it? The Ibenzer clear case for MacBook Air offers just the right mix of protection and clean aesthetics for you.
     moft invisible macbook air stand

    Clean and clever

    Made out of PU and fiber glass materials, this MOFT case has a clever design that sticks to the base and remains hidden, but you can unfold it and turn in into a makeshift laptop stand at any instant.
    ibenzer hexpact macbook air  case

    Rugged cool

    This dual-layer full-body rugged case by Ibenzer is made out of sturdy TPU and polycarbonate and features a honeycomb design to offer superior shock absorption and fall protection for MacBook Air.
     mosiso hard case macbook air

    Gets it done

    The Mosiso plastic hard shell case keeps scrapes and scratches at bay, has a slim design that is just 0.62mm thick and also offers two rows of bottom ventilation for better heat dissipation on MacBook Air.
    incase hardshell dot case for macbook air

    Solid guard

    Thee Incase Hardshell Dot Case for MacBook Air is made out of injection-molded Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate, has rubberized feet, precisely cut outlets for ports, and looks appealing too.
     procase macbook air case

    Edge shield

    If you’re looking for something rugged, this Procase offering has a heavy duty armor shell with shock-absorbent wraparound bumper and a built-in stand too for a comfortable typing experience.
     incase macbook air sleeve

    Clean looks

    This Incase MacBook Air sleeve has a faux-fur lining for extra protection against scratches, offers a secure zippered closure, and flaunts a neat navy shade that is quite easy on the eyes as well.
     procase macbook air felt sleeve

    For Felt Fans

    Made out of high quality felt that looks extremely classy, the Procase MacBook Air sleeve is quite durable, offers a sturdy fastener for secure closure, soft microfiber interior and an accessory pouch.

I am personally not a particularly big fan of protective cases, but have resorted to buying them after badly scuffing my 11-inch MacBook Air. However, if you think you can handle your laptop with more care and want something that does not hinder the MacBook Air’s clean design, yet offers something functional, the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand case

should be on your watchlist. It folds and remains stuck to the base of the laptop, but you can unfold it in a jiffy and turn it into a stand for a more comfortable typing and viewing experience. Plus, there are a ton of color options with funky prints to choose from.

However, if you’re looking for a case that gets the job done and looks clean as well, the Mosiso Hard Case for MacBook Air is worth trying. It comes in over twenty color options ranging from bright neon shades to understated blue and grey trims as well. It has an extremely thin profile and also has rubber cushions at the bottom to ensure airflow beneath the Apple laptop’s chassis. Overall, ita a great solution for those seeking a minimalist case that gets the job done.

In case you’re looking for more essential accessories for your Apple laptop, we’ve also got this awesome list of the best Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac accessories for you. Need to check the difference between the latest Apple Macs with the Apple M1 chip? We’ve got you covered there are well.

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