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Best Leather Galaxy S21 Ultra Cases to buy in February 2021


The Galaxy S21 Ultra has won a considerable amount of praise for its camera prowess, thanks to improvement in both the hardware as well as software department as well. But the rest of the package is nothing to scoff at either, as the phone is arguably one of the most powerful phones on the planet right now. Now, protecting the phone is a no-brainer, especially when you’ve paid north of $1200 on it. But if you’ve not a fan of bulky or garish-looking protective cases, we’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S21 Ultra leather cases out there. Have a look at the options:

     arae galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Show some colors

    If you seek a leather case for Galaxy S21 Ultra that offers a lot of card slots, a versatile kickstand design, and premium build, get the Arae offering.
     goosepery blue moon leather case

    Best on budget

    This leather folio case from Goosepery employs high quality PU leather with a shock-absorbing frame, magnetic clasp and multiple card slots.
     kalibri galaxy s21 ultra leather case
    If you’re a fan of hard-shell cases, the Kalibri case offers just that with an added dash of leather luxury. Plus, the suede finish on top is just stunning.
     kowauri galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Form and function

    Another leather case with a minimal design approach, this one has a flexible card slot at the back and a shock-absorbing bumper frame as well.
     ocase galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Affordable folio case

    Made out of premium grade soft PU leather, the Ocase offering has a magnetic clasp, three card slots and a folding rear panel that acts as kickstand.
     otterbox strada leather case

    Offers it all

    If budget is not a worry and you simply want the best blend of material quality and durability, there is no better option than the Otterbox Strada case.
     puroom galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Carbon fibre guard

    The Puroom case blends the luxury appeal of leather with carbon fiber aesthetics with an anti-scratch surface and a sturdy shock-absorbing frame too.
     rhinoshield solidsuit galaxy s21 ultra case

    True minimalism

    Claimed to survive accidental drops from a height of up to 11 feet, the RhinoShield SolidSuit case for Galaxy S21 also happens to look super sleek.
     saharacase galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Luxurious versatility

    Crafted from vegan faux leather, the Saharacase offering can hold up to five cards, has an integrated kickstand, and offers a form-fitting design.
     Samsung galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    In-house option

    This precision genuine leather case from Samsung offers full-body protection for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, including its rear camera islands as well.
     tendlin galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    A touch of timber

    For folks who always seek something different, the Tendlin case is a perfect option, thanks to its unique mix of wood, synthetic leather, and TPU build.
    torro galaxy s21 ultra leather case

    Clean and classy

    I can’t recommend the Torro leather case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It employs high-qualty leather with a super clean design approach at a great price.

And with that, our best Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case list comes to a completion. If you seek my personal pick, I’d easily recommend the official Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leather case. It is made out of genuine leather that comes in a choice of multiple colors, offers a great in-hand feel, and just the right amount of ruggedness.

If you seek something that makes the best use of the folio form factor, the Torro leather case for Galaxy S21 Ultra offers the perfect blend of a minimalist design, great material quality, multiple cards, and cash slots, and a nifty kickstand too, all at an affordable price.

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