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Best Leather Galaxy S21 Plus Cases to buy in February 2021


The most striking aspect about the Galaxy S21+ for me is the fresh design language. Yes, it is fast, offers capable cameras, and packs a beautiful 120Hz display as well among other perks. But that glass-and-metal build is just too hard to take my eyes off. But what if it meets an unfortunate abrasion or any other damage? Well, you can protect your Samsung flagship, and that too in style, by picking one from these Galaxy S21 Plus leather case recommendations. Check this list out:

    anccer newborn Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Minimalist style

    Among the hot favorites on my case recommendation list is the minimalist Anccer Newborn that offers a clean design with a shock-absorbing frame.
    arae Galaxy s21 plus leather folio case

    Offers it all

    Made out of high-quality polyurethane leather, this one has plenty of card slots, a soft inner TPU cover to hold the device, and a pretty useful kickstand too.
    feitenn Galaxy s21 plus leather folio case

    Lots of pockets

    If you’re after versatility and eye-pleasing aesthetics, there is no better option on this list than the Fetienne Detachable Leather Wallet case. Plus, it comes in multiple colors too.
    ghostek exec4 Galaxy s21 plus leather case
    Offering a military-grade build that has been drop-tested from a height of up to 8ft, this one has a detachable card holder and raised bezels as well.
    goosepery canvas leather case

    Fabric finish

    If you’re a case that truly stands out, this one from Goospery offers just that, thanks to a blend of leather lining and canvas fabric on the outside.
    ocASE Galaxy s21 plus leather folio case

    Folio on budget

    This one is made from premium polyurethane leather with a TPU inner case for additional shock absorption. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors.
    otterbox strada Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Best of the lot

    If you want a case that offers best of both worlds – sleek looks and uncompromised protection, the Otterbox Strada case is where you should look at.
     petocase Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Exotic aesthetics

    For folks who are enamored by the Indian floral aesthetics, the Petocase Folio wallet for Samsung Galaxy S21 is offers about the right mix of style and substance.
     tendlin Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Timber touch

    Looking for something unique? How about a blend of wood veneer, PU leather and rubberized grip frame? Well, that’s exactly what you get with Tendlin.
     TORRO Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Class and luxury

    For those who value high material quality with a taste for minimalist design, there is no better option on this list than the Torro leather case for Galaxy S21.
     samsung Galaxy s21 plus case
    If you seek the best in terms of material quality, in-hand feel, clean design and longevity, I’d highly recommend getting the official Samsung leather case.
     tucch Galaxy s21 plus leather case

    Pick your shade

    Made out of soft TPU full-body inner shell and PU leather on the outside, the TUCCH case is among the most versatile and colorful options.

That brings an end to our best Galaxy S21 Plus leather case list. If you were to ask my personal opinion, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Samsung’s own genuine leather wallet case for the Galaxy S21+. Made out of genuine leather, it offers full-body protection with a precision-cut design. If budget is not a constraint, just get this one!

If you want a case that truly stands out, Tendlin has just the right option for you. Its unique hard-shell case is made out of wood veneer, PU leather, and soft TPU rubber with a textured frame for extra grip. This one looks different from any other protective case you’ll find in the market.

In case you want to explore more options, have a look at the best cheap and rugged Galaxy S21 cases list on the Pocketnow website. Also, don’t forget to check out Pocketnow’s thoughts on the device in the video below:

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