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Best leather Galaxy S21 cases to buy in February 2021


When it comes to protective cases, not many are a fan of using them, primarily because they bury the phone’s own aesthetics, and don’t always have an appealing design on their own either. But leather cases are an exception here. Aside from looking luxurious, they also offer an excellent in-hand feel. Plus, you can get in a variety of forms ranging from sleeve and folio cases to simple hard-cover shells. Convinced yet? We’ve rounded up this best Galaxy S21 leather case list that covers options across various styles and price brackets. Have a look at your options:

    anccer newborn Galaxy S21 case

    Clean aesthetics

    Made out of a combination of leather, sturdy TPU and polyurethane material, this case has an anti-slip texture and a cushioned frame for protection against falls and bumps.
     fetienn Galaxy S21 leather case

    For pocket lovers

    If you’re looking for a wallet case that offers a ton of card slots and a few other pockets, the Fetienne case offers just that. It also a flexible internal TPU lining for protection.
    FYY Galaxy S21 leather case

    360-degree solution

    If you prefer cases with a see-through window, the FYY Case offers a clever design with just that. It is made out of a TPU shell and PU Leather with a lot of pockets in tow.
    Ghostek Galaxy S21 leather case

    Clean and sturdy

    The Ghostek Exec4 leather flip wallet case has a clever detachable cardholder, lifted bezels on both sides, a built-in magnet for car mounts and a military-grade frame as well.
     kowauri Galaxy S21 leather case

    Keep it simple

    The Kowauri leather case for Galaxy S21 is made of high-quality leather and has a protective TPU bumper inside for added protection against mechanical damage.
     otterbox strada Galaxy S21 case

    Premium protection

    This low-profile case from the house of Otterbox uses a soft-touch genuine leather folio, features an inner shell for superior shock absorption and has multiple slots as well.
     saharacase Galaxy S21 leather case

    Classy Folio design

    This one is made out of vegan faux leather that can handle stretching and keeps away yellowing as well. This form-fitting case can store up to 5 cards and looks great.
    Samsung Galaxy S21 leather case

    In-house solution

    Samsung’s own offering is made out of soft-touch genuine leather with minimal branding, covers the camera island as well, and has elevated lips to prevent the screen.
    shieldon Galaxy S21 leather case

    Versatile option

    Shieldon claims that its leather case is made out of genuine cowhide leather, features three card slots and a separate pocket, and can double as an adjustable kickstand too.
    tendlin Galaxy S21 leather case

    Wood grain finish

    This stunn ing case from Tendlin is a composite of wood veneer, carbon fiber texture leather and shock-absorbent TPU with an inner lining as well for added durability.
    torro Galaxy S21 leather case

    Super sleek

    Among the most minimal looking cases out there, this one is made out of napa leather, offers a shock-absorbing TPU frame, 3 card slots, and has an adjustable kickstand too.
     tucch Galaxy S21 leather case

    Folio on budget

    Made out of high-quality PU leather, this one is available in a wide array of color options to choose from, ranging from classic black, and blue to dark pink and cool myrtle green.

That concludes our list of the best Galaxy S21 leather case options you’ll find out there. As for my personal favorite, I’d go with the official Samsung leather case for the Galaxy S21. This one is made out of genuine leather that has a soft-touch texture, a soft inner lining to keep the rear panel in pristine shape, and offers an unparalleled premium in-hand feel.

However, if my priority was versatility, I’d pick the Feitenn Galaxy S21 leather flip case without a second thought. This one is actually a whole bundle that includes a sleek leather case with a shock-absorbent frame, and a wallet portion that features multiple card slots and a removable magnetic hand-bag closure design. So, you can choose to use just the case, or use the whole wallet setup of which the case is a part.

Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the best Galaxy S21 rugged cases and clear cases as well. We also have a ton of other product recommendation lists on the Pocketnow website, have a look at them as well.

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