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Best iPhone 12 Pro camera lens protectors


The iPhone 12 Pro truly emerged as the ‘Pro’ phone this year by not just rocking an extra camera to stand out from the vanilla iPhone 12, but also some cool professional-grade features such as Apple ProRAW, LiDAR-driven night mode portrait, and Dolby Vision HDR video capture to name a few. It goes without saying that the cameras are a real investment on the iPhone 12 Pro, which also means you should protect them. Not a fan of cases? Not a problem. We’ve rounded up a list of the best iPhone 12 Pro camera lens protectors to save you the hassle:

    ailun lens screen protector combo

    Complete package

    Made out of ultra-thin tempered glass that is just 0.33mm thick, this one is made out of 9H glass that is as hard as a material like this gets, and there is an oleophobic coating on the top.
    egv iphone 12 pro lens protector

    Tried and tested

    I’ve tried the EGV camera lens protectors before, and have been thoroughly impressed by the great mix of affordability and traits like material strength and clarity they bring to the table.
    egv lens screen guard combo

    Full package

    Desire all-round protection from the camera lens to the screen, without missing the core premise of what EGV has to offer? The 6-pack EGV screen guard and lens protector combo is for you.
    lk iphone 12 pro lens protector

    Quality on budget

    Among the most affordable options on the list that comes with an assurance of high material quality, the LK camera lens protector uses a 9H tempered glass to offer some peace of mind.
    sxufo bling camera lens protector

    Bring the bling

    Alright, if you’re a fan of accessories that go all-out on the bling factor, the SXUFO camera lens is covered in rhinestone crystals to make your iPhone 12 Pro truly stand out from the crowd.
    ubrand camera case

    360 degree shield

    If you seek something more versatile that can provide 360 degree protection for your pricey iPhone 12 Pro, the Ubrand case with a sliding camera lens protector cover will prove to be a terrific solution at a great price for the Apple device.
    uniqueme iphone 12 pro lens protector

    Worth a shot

    Made out of scratch-resistant tempered glass with high material clarity, the Uniqueme camera lens guard for iPhone 12 Pro has an oleophobic layer on top to keep away dust and smudges.
    wsken camera lens protector

    The minimalist

    The WSKEN camera lens protective rings are made out of sturdy material with an aluminum finish on top, and comes in multiple color options to blend in fully with the color of your phone.
    wsken sparkle iphone 12 pro lens proctor

    Sparkling shield

    Looking to add some bling to your iPhone 12 Pro, but don’t want to go overboard with all that crystal sheens? The Esken Sparkle offers just the right amount of glitter while also protecting your phone’s lenses.

For my personal favorites, I would pick the EGV 6-pack tempered glass camera lens and screen protector for the iPhone 12 Pro. For just around $12, you get a 9H tempered glass screen protector as well as a lens guard set, which is simply as sturdy as a product in this class gets. Plus, it has a case-friendly design, offers high material clarity, and also has flash rings to make sure that camera output is not affected.


However, if a conventional tempered glass lens protector doesn’t cut it for you and want something more minimalist, the WSKEN iPhone 12 Pro camera lens rings are just the right choice for you. Made out of a sturdy base with a strong adhesive to prevent them from falling off, and rocking an aluminum finish on top, this one is a great solution. Plus, you can color match it with the phone’s rear panel.

That was all about our best iPhone 12 Pro camera lens protectors list. Want more awesome product recommendations? Check out our list of the best iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors, and another one that compiles the finest protective cases for your Apple flagship out there. Also, check out our review of the iPhone 12 Pro in the video below if you’re planning to splurge, but want to know more about its performance and other key aspects:

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