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Best Canadian Prime Day deals: These day one deals are still hot


Oh Canada, Amazon's massive two-day sale is finally actually here! After being pushed back just a few months, the annual Prime Day sale is taking place on October 13 and 14. Prime Day is generally a great opportunity to snag low prices worthy of Black Friday, though you do need an Amazon Prime membership if you hope to take advantage of the discounts being offered during the sale. From Amazon Echo speakers and Fire TV Edition smart TVs to laptops, furniture, fashion, and more, Prime Day is unleashing deals in nearly every category on the site.

Amazon Prime Day dates announcedSource: Amazon

With so many deals flying around, it can be easy to become a bit overwhelmed with options. We're gathering the best Amazon Canada Prime Day deals you have to see before the sale ends so that you don't miss any of the top offers. You can also check out our US Prime Day deals guide for more ways to save.

Prime Day Deals 2020: Save on 4K TVs, Echo, Instant Pot & more

If you're not an Amazon Prime member already, there's still a way you can shop the sale without shelling out for a Prime membership. Just start a free 30-day trial and you'll score all the same benefits that a regular Prime member receives, from access to the Prime Day sale to free two-day shipping, the Prime Video streaming service, and much more.

This list is being updated with new Prime Day deals all the time, so check back often.

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Spotlight deal

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music | $280 off at Amazon

It's about to get to that time of the year again, Canada, where running outdoors is less a joy and more a necessarily evil. Luckily, Garmin is discounting all of its running watches, including the incredible and versatile Forerunner 645 Music. Usually $580, it's just $300 for Prime Day, making it one of the most compelling fitness wearables deals we've seen yet. Grab one and get running — you have just enough time before winter hits to make it a habit!

The best curated Prime Day deals

Amazon device deals

Amazon Echo Show 8 | $70 off at Amazon

Amazon's Echo Show 8 is the little smart display you never knew you needed. Featuring a bright and colorful 8-inch display, perfect for your office or kitchen, the Echo Show 8 displays photos, recipes, and that awesome Prime Video show you've been meaning to watch. At $90, this is $70 off for Prime Day — and for $10 more, you get the Echo Show 8 bundled with an Amazon Smart Plug.

$90 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 5 | $40 off at Amazon

Amazon's Echo Show 5 is one of the best bedside or office clocks you can find. It's got a big, bright 5-inch display, a camera for video calls, and best of all, it can show all of your photos through Amazon Photos when you want to take a look at something that isn't work. At $60, it's $40 off for Prime Day — and for $85, you get a Blink Mini as part of an awesome bundle.

$60 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | $45 off at Amazon

$25 for one of the most useful smart speakers on the planet? Yes, please. Amazon's 3rd Gen Echo Dot is $45 off for Prime Day, and it's the cheapest and easiest way to add Alexa to every room.

$25 at Amazon

Amazon Echo Studio | $70 off at Amazon

$190 for a speaker may seem like a lot, but you've clearly never listened to the Amazon Echo Studio. Featuring room-filling 3D sound that pairs perfectly with Amazon's new Prime HD music service, the Echo Studio is one of the best smart speaker deals we've seen in Canada.

$190 at Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell (2020) | $35 off at Amazon

Trust me, if you haven't already upgraded to a smart doorbell, you're going to want to do that… right now. Not only does it make it convenient to answer your door from anywhere in the world — or just upstairs if you're being lazy — but it works as a great security camera, too. At $95, this 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell is $35 off for Prime Day.

$95 at Amazon

Eero Mesh router 3-pack | $105 off at Amazon

You want a mesh router. Seriously. The Eero mesh router system is among the best out there, but Canadians have always paid too much for it — until now. On Prime Day, the Eero Mesh 3-pack is $244, which is worth every penny, especially if you work from home like so many of us do these days. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE.

$244 at Amazon

Headphone deals

Sony WF-1000XM3 | $70 off at Amazon

If you care more about portability than isolation (but still need some of that good stuff), the Sony WF-1000XM3 is your best bet. At $228, these are over $70 off their retail price, and they're some of the best-sounding, and noise-isolating, wireless earbuds we've ever used.

$228 at Amazon

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 | $50 off at Amazon

I know what you're thinking, but hear me out. Yes, $350 for a pair of earbuds is a lot, but trust me, Canada, when I say that these are the best-sounding wireless earbuds you can buy today. Sennheiser's Momentum TW2 also have incredible noise-cancelling and ample battery to boot. Don't sit on this deal.

$350 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ | $50 off at Amazon

Samsung's latest true wireless earbuds are a steal at $200 — yes they're that good — so at $150 for Prime Day, they're extra enticing. Enjoy them in black, white, or this lovely blue colorway.

$150 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Busd Live | $50 off at Amazon

Beans, beans, good for the heart. You've heard the saying, but have you heard these incredible earbuds? Featuring a bean-shaped design that molds into your ear, these are probably the most comfortable wireless earbuds you'll ever wear. Plus, they feature noise-cancelling. At $200, these are a great deal.

$200 at Amazon

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 | $50 off at Amazon

Some of our favorite earbuds that you're most likely to overlook are the Soundcore Liberty Air 2. Not only are the Liberty Air 2 an incredible value, but they're also just darn good earbuds. Premium drivers allow for excellent sound given the price, there's Bluetooth 5.0 for great wireless performance, and there's 28-hour total battery life. For Prime Day only, they can be yours for $50 off!

$90 at Amazon

Sony WH-1000XM4 | $72 off at Amazon

What's that? You'd never pay this much for a pair of headphones? Let me dispel that notion for you, because Sony's WH-1000XM4 noise-cancelling headphones are the best in the industry, period. If you're working from home and need to cut out noise from shouting kids or the leaf-blower next door, these are your best friend — and well worth the investment.

$428 at Amazon

Sony WH1000XM3 | $120 off at Amazon

If you don't need the latest and greatest from Sony — and let's be honest, you probably don't — these noise-cancelling headphones will do the trick. Still considered some of the best-sounding cans on the market, you save over $120 for Prime Day by going with the 2018 model.

$328 at Amazon

Bose QuietComfort 35 II | $130 off at Amazon

Sony's headphones are top-notch, but they're not the only company making killer cans. The Bose QC35 II are some of the most iconic headphones in recent years, and they're discounted by $130 during Prime Day. We're big fans of the QC35 II, as they offer amazing sound, a super comfortable fit, and some of the best noise-canceling money can buy. Don't miss out on this one.

$269 at Amazon

Sony WH-CH710N | $147 off at Amazon

Not everyone needs expensive headphones, but everyone deserves great sound. Sony's WH-CH710N are over-ear headphones that sound great, and feature smart noise cancellation. Normally $250, these are on sale for $128 for Prime Day, just an astoundingly good deal that you shouldn't pass up!

$128 at Amazon

Anker Soundcore Life Q10 | $26 off at Amazon

Speaking of affordable headphones, what if you want to spend even less? The Anker Soundcore Life Q10 may not be the first headphones on your Prime Day shopping list, but there's no ignoring the value they bring to the table. Between a comfy design, hi-res audio with deep bass, and 60-hour battery life, there's so much on offer. During Prime Day, they're even cheaper at almost $26 off.

$40 at Amazon

Phones, Tablets & Accessories deals

Samsung Galaxy S20 | $330 off at Amazon

The Galaxy S20 is one of the best Android phones of the entire year, and thanks to Prime Day, buying one in Canada just got a bit more affordable. You can currently pick up the S20 for $990, and while that's still a lot of money, it's a generous $330 off what it usually costs. You're getting a stunning 120Hz AMOLED display, blazing-fast performance, and great cameras.

$990 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S10 | $225 off at Amazon

Phones are not cheap in Canada — if you've bought one over the past few years, you know that — so a Galaxy S10 at $755 is actually kind of a bargain. It's last year's flagship, but that's OK because it'll still get three years of software updates, and it's got that iconic Samsung design that everyone knows and loves.

$755 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" | $50 off at Amazon

If you want a big Android tablet that won't break the bank, this is the one to get. Samsung makes the best iPad competitors out there, and this one features a stunning 10.1-inch display, a fast processor, 2GB of RAM, and an 8MP camera. Play games, read books, or do whatever on this giant canvas, $50 off for Prime Day.

$250 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 | $50 off at Amazon

It doesn't get much better than this in terms of cheap Android tablets. Samsung's Galaxy Tab A8 has an 8-inch display, all-day battery life, and a reliable, sturdy plastic body, and it's on sale for just $150 — $50 off — for Prime Day.

$150 at Amazon

Samsung EVO Select 128GB MicroSD Card | $13 off at Amazon

We've all been there. You've had your phone for a while, it's loaded up with a bunch of apps and movies, and you're quickly running out of space. If your phone supports expandable storage, pick up this 128GB MicroSD card from Samsung during Prime Day. It's high-quality, has a ton of room, and is really affordable being $13 off its normal price.

$23 at Amazon

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker | $15 off at Amazon

There's no denying the importance of a good Bluetooth speaker. Whether you want to jam out to music in your backyard or catch up on podcasts while your shower, it's an invaluable tool. During Prime Day, one of our favorite ones — the Anker Soundcore — is on sale for $15 off. It's compact, comes in fun colors, and sounds way better than the low price would suggest.

$35 at Amazon

JBL Boombox | $190 off at Amazon

Sticking with Bluetooth speakers, another fantastic option comes in the form of the JBL Boombox. It's much larger and more expensive than the Anker speaker, but there's a good reason for that: it has much more impressive audio. You can easily fill an entire room (and then some) with the Boombox, which JBL describes as having "monstrous sound." You also get a built-in carrying handle, 24-hour battery life, and a hefty $190 discount during Prime Day.

$360 at Amazon

Google Nest Wifi Router | $49 off at Amazon

You can have an amazing smartphone and tablet, but without a reliable Wi-Fi router, they aren't much use. This Prime Day, give your home network the upgrade it needs with the Google Nest Wifi Router. It looks great, offers 2200 sq ft of coverage, and supports 2.4 and 5GHz bands. If you pick up the Nest Wifi during Prime Day, it can be yours for $49 off its retail price.

$180 at Amazon

Laptop & PC Component deals

ASUS ZenBook Flip 14 | $170 off at Amazon

Prime Day is a great opportunity for picking up a new laptop, as evident by this sale for the ASUS ZenBook Flip 14. This is a flagship laptop in every regard, with top specs including a 14-inch Full HD display, a 360-degree hinge, and an AMD R7-3700U processor with 12GB of RAM. It normally costs $1,049, but right now, it can be yours for only $879.


$879 at Amazon

Crucial MX500 2TB NAND SATA | $63 off at Amazon

Whether it be large applications or hefty game files, having a powerful and roomy storage solution is a must for your computer. The Crucial MX500 fits the bill perfectly, and it's on sale with a $63 discount during Prime Day. This model has 2TB of space and read/write speeds of 560/510Mbs, respectively.

$248 at Amazon

Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10TB Hard Drive | $142 off at Amazon

SSDs like the MX500 are great if you want fast speeds, but large storage amounts come at a big cost. If you'd rather focus on tons of room and are OK with slower read/write performance, check out the BarraCuda Pro from Seagate. This hard drive offers 10TB of storage and snappy 7200rpm performance, all for $142 off during Prime Day.

$378 at Amazon

Crucial 32GB RAM Kit | $69 off at Amazon

Maybe one day we'll be able to actually download RAM to our computers, but until that day comes, we have to keep buying physical options like a bunch of shmucks. If you need to up your PC's memory, Crucial has you covered with this 32GB kit. It's split between two 16GB sticks, is dead-simple to install, and allows for crazy multitasking performance. If you buy during Prime Day, you'll save $69. Nice.

$117 at Amazon

Corsair Hydro Series Liquid CPU Cooler | $48 off at Amazon

You can have an ultra-powerful processor, graphics card, and RAM setup, but none of that matters if your CPU overheats when you need it the most. There are a lot of options out there for keeping your system cool, and for Prime Day, you can pick up Corsair's liquid cooling setup for nearly $48 off its regular price. In addition to keeping your CPU as cool as a cucumber, it also has RGB lights. Because of course it does.

$143 at Amazon

Wearables deals

Fitbit Versa 2 | $50 off at Amazon

You don't need me to introduce you to the Fitbit Versa 2, but here's what I'll say: if you don't want an Apple Watch, but value all those delicious health stats, this is your best bet. Sure, there's a Versa 3, but it's $300 and only has a handful of upgrades. The Versa 2 is actually better in a few ways — that side button actually works, for instance — and it's $50 off for Prime Day.

$180 at Amazon

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle | $135 off at Amazon

If Wear OS is more your game than Fitbit or Apple Watch (likely if you have an Android smartphone), Fossil's Gen 5 Carlyle at $255 for Prime Day is one hell of a deal. Available in a number of colors and strap styles, this is one of the best smartwatches available right now.

$255 at Amazon

TicWatch C2 Plus | $60 off at Amazon

Mobvoi isn't the most well-known name in the world of Android smartwatches, but its C2 Plus is an elegant and relatively inexpensive option if you're looking to upgrade to Wear OS. Featuring a circular watch face and two side buttons, the C2 Plus has 1GB of RAM to ensure that your smartwatch experience is always fluid.

$240 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm | $70 off at Amazon

An old standby, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is still one of the best smartwatches on the market today. Its rotating circular bezel makes it intuitive to move around the Tizen-powered OS, and the number of apps, from fitness to payments, make this an excellent deal at $70 off for Prime Day.

$230 at Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music | $280 off at Amazon

For those looking for a smartwatch that'll be a serious workout companion, the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is a fantastic pick. It tracks a wide variety of exercises, lasts up to seven days on a single charge, has built-in GPS, and can store up to 500 songs for offline playback. It also has one of the most impressive Prime Day discounts at $280 off.

$300 at Amazon

Gaming deals

Nintendo Switch Pokémon Let's Go Bundle | $40 discount at Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most versatile consoles ever, and if you still haven't picked one up, now's the time to act. Just for Prime Day, you can get a Nintendo Switch bundled with Pokémon Let's Go in either the Pikachu or Eevee variant while saving some cash in the process.

Power A Joy-Con Charging Dock | Save $10 at Amazon

Once you have a Nintendo Switch, you'll need a convenient way for charging your Joy-Con controllers. This charging dock from Power A is excellent, giving you a sleek and compact dock for charging up to four Joy-Cons at once. During Prime Day, it can be yours for $10 off its retail price.

$20 at Amazon

Razer Kraken Headset | 42% off at Amazon

Want to take your gaming to the next level? The Razer Kraken headset is exactly what you need. Available in a ton of fun colors, the Kraken delivers immersive 7.1 surround sound, custom 50mm drivers, and has a super comfortable design for long gaming sessions. If you're interested, it can be yours at a 42% discount during Prime Day.

$70 at Amazon

Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse | Save 25% at Amazon

Speaking of Razer, PC gamers will want to check out this deal on the DeathAdder gaming mouse. It's one of the best value mice on the market, with top features including a high-precision 400 DPI sensor, mechanical switches, and a rubberized scroll wheel. You also get five programmable buttons to do whatever you want with. Pick it up now at a 25% savings!

$30 at Amazon

Acer Nitro Ultra Gaming Notebook | $350 off at Amazon

Moving away from accessories, what about a legit gaming laptop? If you're ready to start your gaming journey on the right foot, check out this Prime Day deal on the Acer Nitro Ultra. It's a 15.6-inch gaming laptop with ample specs — like an Intel i7 processor, NVIDIA GTV 1650 graphics card, and 12GB of RAM. Not only does it look stunning, but it's on sale now with a steep $350 discount.

$1,199 at Amazon

MSI Full HD 24-Inch Monitor | $23 off at Amazon

No gaming setup is complete without a killer monitor, and that's where the MSI Optix G241VC comes into play. This is a 24-inch LED monitor with a curved design, which looks absolutely gorgeous in-person. You also get a 1920 x 1080 resolution and 75Hz refresh rate, all for 10% off thanks to Prime Day.

$219 at Amazon

Television deals

Insignia 58-inch Fire TV Edition | $335 off at Amazon

This 58-inch TV from Insignia packs a big punch for a relatively low price. The screen size is great for getting immersed in your content, the 4K resolution keeps everything sharp, and HDR support allows for incredible colors. Fire TV is available right out of the box, and for Prime Day, it can be yours for $335 less than its retail price.

$450 at Amazon

Samsung The Frame 65-Inch TV | $480 off at Amazon

One of the most stunning TVs in recent years is The Frame from Samsung. It's designed to look like a picture frame, and if you ask us, it looks like nothing else currently available. Along with its good looks, The Frame also delivers a 65-inch 4K display, QLED technology, and four HDMI ports for all of your devices. It's more affordable than ever during Prime Day, seeing a generous $480 savings.

$1,920 at Amazon

Samsung RU7100 55-Inch TV | Save $52 at Amazon

If you want a Samsung TV but can't justify the high cost of The Frame, another great option that's more mainstream is the RU7100. All of the core features are here, including a 58-inch screen, 4K resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Thanks to Samsung's smart TV interface, you have easy access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and tons of other apps. Get it now for $52 off its retail price during Prime Day!

$648 at Amazon

Kitchen & Lifestyle deals

Philips Compact Pasta Maker | $130 off at Amazon

Few things in this world are as magical as pasta, and with the Philips Compact Pasta Maker, you can make your own homemade pasta whenever you want. It automatically mixes, kneads, and extrudes your pasta, giving you one pound of it in only 18 minutes. You get different discs for different pasta shapes, along with a recipe book to help you get started.

$150 at Amazon

iRobot Roobma 981 | $250 off at Amazon

Don't lie to yourself — having to vacuum your home is not fun. With the iRobot Roomba 981, you can maintain a clean and tidy apartment/house without having to lift a finger. The Roomba 981 has strong suction power, safely navigates around furniture, and works with both Alexa and the Google Assistant. With a $250 discount for Prime Day, you deserve to treat yourself.

$550 at Amazon

Instant Pot Duo Nova 6-quart | $40 off at Amazon

Oh, I'm sorry, you don't have an Instant Pot yet? Seriously, do yourself a favour and give in to this delicious and essential home cooking product. This 7-in-1 Instant Pot does pressure cooking, sauteing, steaming, rice cooking and much more — seriously, it's incredible. At $90, this is $40 off its regular price for Prime Day.

$90 at Amazon

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter | $8 off at Amazon

The most in-demand camping product of 2020, the LifeStraw personal water filter makes it safe to drink from more natural water sources while camping or canoeing. Perfect for those chilly Canadian fall camping trips.

$18 at Amazon

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Try out Amazon Prime for free and gain access to all of Prime Day's deals in the process! This 30-day trial grants you access to all of Prime's perks, from free two-day shipping to the Prime Day sale, Prime Video streaming service, and more.

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Other great Canada Prime Day deals

When is Prime Day 2020?

While it usually takes place during the summer, this year's Prime Day is scheduled for October 13 and 14. However, we're already seeing some deals go live early! Most of the discounts are exclusively available to Amazon Prime members, though of course, you can start a free 30-day trial to gain access to any of the deals you're interested in.

When do Prime Day deals start?

Now! Though technically Prime Day doesn't begin until midnight PT on October 13, we're already seeing early offers go live at Amazon, both on Amazon devices and on products by other brands. It's officially time to start Prime Day shopping!

Should you shop Prime Day 2020 deals or wait for Black Friday 2020?

Since Black Friday is taking place so close to Prime Day this year, we're expecting Amazon to really go all out once the sale begins. If the store wants to entice shoppers to start their holiday shopping in October rather than November, they have to offer prices that are better than what we expect to see on Black Friday. Then again, buying early is always a better idea than buying later in the year no matter the current price. You never know when the item you're planning to buy might become hard to buy or backordered, so it's generally not recommended to wait when it comes to these end-of-the-year sales.

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