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At $20 for the Echo Flex, Amazon is practically giving it away


There are so many great deals flying around right now for Black Friday that your head might already be spinning, but fear not! We at Android Central and Thrifter have you covered!

Many of these great deals can be found on Amazon, and many great Amazon products are seeing unprecedented sales. Case in point — the Amazon Echo Flex. Introduced this past September and only recently available for purchase, this latest Echo form factor is sure to be a huge hit this holiday season.

Plug and play

Amazon Echo Flex

The Echo for every (other) room

The Amazon Echo Flex is an Alexa speaker that can plug into any standard outlet and is perfect for transitional or workspaces like utility rooms, hallways, bathrooms, or garages. At $5 off, this thing now screams impulse buy!

$19.99 $24.99 $5 off

$20 at Amazon $20 at Best Buy

What is the Echo Flex you might ask? Basically, it's a plug-and-play Echo that is intended for those spaces where a traditional Echo or smart speaker either doesn't fit or doesn't quite make sense. You can plug an Echo Flex into any standard wall outlet and have instand access to Alexa for whatever purpose you might need, be that asking about the weather or controlling your smart lights.


There are also third-party accessories you can get to enhance your Echo Flex even further, including a motion sensor (to trigger home automations?) and a nightlight (for those darker spaces).

The Echo Flex itself has a tiny speaker so you can hear replies from Alexa and maybe the news report, but it's not ideal for listening to music. While it does take up one of your outlet spaces, it has a USB charging port at the bottom so that you can still do passthrough charging of small accessories like your smartphone.


We think this little Echo will sell like hotcakes this holiday season, and we encourage you to pick up a few for your friends and family. Oh, and its size means it will fit perfectly into your family's stockings as the ultimate stocking stuffer!

Get ready for Black Friday!

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