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ASUS plans to launch a small and premium Zenfone Mini flagship phone


The Zenfone 7

series and its predecessor, the Zenfone 6, have managed to stand out in a market that is practically saturated. All three phones have a motorized flip camera system that allows the rear cameras to double as the front-facing cameras. While we do not know if the design will return for the third time this year, there are reports that ASUS will launch a small premium flagship phone which has been dubbed the Zenfone Mini.

First reported by DigiTimes, it is said that the Zenfone Mini will have a small form factor. There is no specific size but it should be smaller than the Zenfone 6/ASUS 6Z which has a 6.4-inch display. Our guess is that the size of the display will be under 6 inches but not below 5.5 inches. Other design details are currently unknown.

ASUS ZenFone 7 series
ZenFone 7 may have a small-sized successor that has been dubbed Zenfone Mini

Save for the smaller screen, the Zenfone Mini should pack flagship specs. So we expect the Snapdragon 888 processor or maybe even the Snapdragon 870 processor to keep the phone’s price low. It should also have flagship-grade cameras and at least 30W fast charging. The battery capacity will most likely be smaller since the footprint of the device has been cut down.


We do not know how soon ASUS will announce the next-gen Zenfone flagship series. Last year’s Zenfone 7 and Zenfone 7 Pro were launched in late August, three months later than their predecessor, the Zenfone 6. The scarcity of components caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may have been responsible for the delayed released

However, since the ROG Phone 5 is rumored to get an early release this year, March as against the ROG Phone 3’s July release date, then there is a chance the Zenfone 8 series (if that is what ASUS will call it), will launch in the first half of the year.

The ROG Phone series is ASUS’ line of gaming smartphones. The ROG Phone 5 is its upcoming mode and it is a highly-anticipated device that is expected to set a new standard for gaming smartphones this year.



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