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Apple’s VR headset controller may be a device worn on two fingers, patent reveals


It is no longer news that Apple is in an advanced stage of development of a virtual reality (VR) headset. This has been the subject of several leaks, providing the design and operations of the innovative device that would certainly be a big statement by Apple when it is finally released.Apple VR controller

A recent slew of patents obtained by Apple and spotted by Patently Apple, has again brought the VR headset into the spotlight, as the patents point to how the headset can be controlled via a couple of rings worn on the fingers, that is, the likelihood of hand tracking controls for the device.

Although a patent may not provide definitive information about an upcoming product, it provides important glimpses about the possible design or operation of the product, and the Apple patents relating to the VR headset are no different.Apple VR headset

The leaks and patents, when pieced together carefully, have shown that the Apple headset has, in addition to VR, both mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities, which underscores the overall versatility of the device. Apple’s patent titled “self-mixing interferometry-based gesture input system including a wearable or handheld device” may therefore be referring to the VR headset’s control apparatus with two rings that would be worn on the thumb and index fingers. The finger movements would therefore be the inputs needed for the subsequent applications in any of the spheres whether VR or AR or MR. The emerging technology of alternative reality holds lots of promise in the tech space and several manufacturers are exploring development in this direction.


While further developments are awaited in the evolution of the VR headset, Apple is yet to put out any statement regarding the product, neither has it affirmed that the product is in development. However, this is the expected response as the company continues to grapple with numerous leaks of its trade secrets.



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