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Apple’s Podcasts app might get personalized recommendations with iOS 14


Apple’s online-only WWDC that starts on June 22 will mark the official debut of iOS 14, but details about the changes it brings have been trickling down the leak arena for a while now. Now, a fresh 9to5Mac report claims that iOS 14 will introduce a revamped Podcasts app that will finally bring personalized recommendations for users.

What this means is the app will analyze the preference and listening habits of users, and will accordingly suggest new podcasts. Apple Music already has a For You section that recommends playlists and albums based on the music users are listening to, and so does Podcasts

‘ main rival – Spotify – where it exists under the name Made For You.

Additionally, the report adds that iOS 14 will also introduce an option that lets creators dole out bonus content to their listeners. This bonus content will reportedly exist in the same feed as the podcast, but will be listed separately from the main episodes of a show. We’ll get to know more when Apple officially gives us our first look at iOS 14 next week.


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