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Apple’s foldable iPhone to reportedly launch as early as next year


Apple is well behind the likes of Samsung and Huawei which have already launched their foldable smartphones and are now gearing up to launch second-generation of such phones.

However, Apple is now trying to catch up. While it is coming up with a 5G-powered iPhone for the first time this year, it is also reportedly working on a foldable iPhone. As per the reports, the foldable iPhone could get launched as soon as next year.

Foldable iPhone Prototype

As per the report, the upcoming foldable iPhone will be ditching the notched front panel and thus, there will be no facial recognition support. Instead, the company will be opting for a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for the first time.

We recently reported about Apple’s first foldable iPhone and its design. It was clear that instead of a flexible screen that folds, a design that Samsung and Huawei uses, Apple will be using two displays that will be folded through hinges.

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The Cupertino-giant is expected to keep its existing supply chain partners, including Hon Hai, Daliguang, Kecheng, etc. for the foldable device. However, for early-stage development, Hon Hai could be the only assembly foundry. The company will also be bringing Xinrixing on-board for the first time.

According to the analysts, which foldable smartphones are priced higher, they also offer higher margins to the companies. So no wonder most of the smartphone makers and focusing on offering foldable phones.


While we are waiting for a foldable Apple iPhone, Samsung is all set to launch its next-generation Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone, which is expected to go official in August this year, along with the Galaxy Note20 lineup.

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