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Apple’s App Store is also getting some improvements and a new App Clips


Apple has also included some improvements to its App Store. This time, we get App Clips, which is a light, fast, and easy way to discover apps for whatever situation you’re faced with.

App Clips is a new feature that now comes with Apple’s App Store. This new feature will let you tap on whatever situation you’re in, and it will help you interact with your case’s best service. It will also help you discover apps and different services. You can launch these apps from the web, from Messages, or launch an App Clips right in a place recommendation on Maps

. You can also call on these App Clips through NFC Tabs, and it will all be possible thanks to a new App Clip Code, which is a visual NFC code.


You also get help to create these App Clips with Yelp, and they will be helpful to recommend a restaurant of any other service in a very seamless way. Developers can also create these new App Clips as part of an app, and all they require is 20mb of additional storage space in the app.

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