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Apple’s Airpower charging mat prototype reportedly works to charge the Apple Watch now


Originally announced in 2017, Apple’s Airpower charging mat was promised for delivery in 2018. Apple stayed quiet until 2019 when it announced it was pulling the plug on the project, citing that it reached technical difficulties that caused overlapping coils to overheat when charging the Apple Watch.

Following Apple’s official cancellation of the Airpower charger, reports surfaced in March that Apple had secretly reignited the Airpower’s development. Now, a new tweet from leakster Jon Prosser, reveals that Apple has indeed been working on refining the AirPower charging mat, and the latest prototype is shown successfully charging the Apple Watch.

Well, you guys wanted a better picture of “C68”… 😏
Remember how I said that the main problem was that current prototypes didn’t supp ort Apple Watch?
They got the Watch working… 👀


— Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) June 18, 2020

A tweet from April 10, also from Prosser, reported that Apple was able to dynamically manage heat build up by using an A11 chipset, the same one found in the iPhone 8

, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

Apple has never officially acknowledged the Airpower charging mat since it cancelled its development, so we wonder whether Apple plans to launch the charging mat at all, or if it will release it as a “one more thing” product at its next iPhone launch event.

Apple has seen grand success in convincing its users that its top-selling three products, the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, are really a mobile trifecta. If Apple can sell these three products together, it would be in its balance sheet's interest to convince its users that they need this charging mat to top up their Apple devices.

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