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Apple Watch saves the life of a British cyclist caught in a flooded river


US tech giant Apple has over the years proven to be a leader in terms of innovative products. The Watch series is one of the Silicon Valley company’s innovative products. Over the years, there have been several reports by persons whose lives were saved by the watch. The Apple Watch continues to save lives. The latest instance is that a cyclist who was rescued after calling for help with Apple Watch in a flooding river in the UK.

According to the report, the unknown cyclist was carried by the water current one mile downstream on the swift Wye River. He managed to grab a branch by the water and called for help.

“While holding onto a tree branch tightly, he talked to our fire control personnel through his Apple Watch,” said rescue commander Sean Bailey. “It worked very well for us and actually helped us find him as soon as possible.”

Bailey said that the cyclist “was caught up in the turbulent river very quickly, but we were very surprised by his ability to save himself,” he continued.


The Wye River flows through Rosewas in Hereford, close to the border between England and Wales. In January, the local area issued a flood warning for this river.

Apple Watch can make calls via LTE or via a paired iPhone. It also has an emergency SOS function, which can contact the local government and send text messages to the emergency contact person designated by the user.




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