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Apple to fix a flaw that may have allowed hackers to steal data via iOS Mail App


Recently, a bug, which also exists on iPads was discovered that is said to have been exploited in at least six cybersecurity break-ins. An Apple spokesman acknowledged that a vulnerability exists in Apple’s software for email, the Mail app on iPhones and iPads.

The report says that the flaw has already been exploited by hackers against high-profile users. It was taking advantage of the vulnerability since January 2018 However, Apple reportedly declined to comment on the same.

The hack was executed when victims were sent a blank email message through the Mail app, which forced a crash and reset. As a result, the crash opened the door for hackers to steal other data on the device, such as photos and contact details.


Two independent security researchers who reviewed the discovery found the evidence credible.

Apple is planning to fix the flaw and it will be rolled out in a forthcoming update on millions of devices globally.

Source: Zecops
Via: Reuters

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