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Apple to account for 53% of TSMC 5nm chips production in 2021


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest contract manufacturer for mobile chipsets, is expected to grow its business by 12-16 percent.

A report considers Apple being the top customer for the company when it comes to 5nm chipset manufacturing. It further goes on to add that the Cupertino-based giant could account for 53 percent of the overall 5nm chips production at TSMC.

TSMC 5nm Chips Chart 2021

Qualcomm is expected to account for 24 percent of TSMC’s 5nm chip manufacturing as Apple will reportedly be using Qualcomm

‘s 5nm Snapdragon 5G X60 modem in the upcoming iPhone 13 smartphones. It is being reported that TSMC and Samsung have already booked 90 percent of their 5nm chipset manufacturing capacity for the year 2021.

As for the 7nm chipset manufacturing, the report claims that AMD will be the leading customer in this, accounting for 27 percent of the total orders. It will be closely followed by NVIDIA with 21 percent of total production.

A few months ago, it was reported that Apple had booked the full capacity of TSMC for 5nm chipset production. TSMC started giving preferential treatment to Apple as almost one-fifth of the company’s total revenue comes from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The preferential treatment to Apple is being considered as the reason for Qualcomm giving its Snapdragon 888 chipset manufacturing contract to Samsung. The previous generation chipset — Snapdragon 865, was produced by TSMC.


TSMC is now rushing to develop its 3nm process and it seems that Apple will be the first to contract the initial production capacity. With Apple now making its own chips for smartphones and Mac laptops, it remains to be seen which will be the first to start adopting the new 3nm chips.



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