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Apple says it won’t make an exception for Epic Games amidst clash over Fortnite


Now that all the drama over Fortnite being evicted from the App Store (and the Play Store as well) has spiraled into a lawsuit and a few straight jibes, Apple has finally made its stance clear. In a statement given to The Verge, Apple has clarified that it won’t make an exception for Epic Games because the company doesn’t think “it’s right to put their business interests ahead of the guidelines that protect our customers.”

“We very much want to keep the company as part of the Apple Developer Program and their apps on the Store. The problem Epic has created for itself is one that can easily be remedied if they submit an update of their app that reverts it to comply with the guidelines they agreed to and which apply to all developers,”

Epic Games was quoted as saying in a statement.

The furor erupted when Epic Games introduced its own payment system in Fortnite for in-app purchases that would mean Apple

won’t get its 30% cut of the transactions as the standard App Store fee. Apple retorted by evicting the game from its app repository, and Epic Games responded quickly with a lawsuit and an ad that brutally mocks Apple’s classic 1984 Macintosh ad.

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