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Apple patents new tech that detects light through the screen for Face ID and Touch ID


Apple has just patented a new technology that might bring its Face ID and Touch ID. This technology is based on a sensor that will be housed underneath the display, which will be able to detect light through the screen.


According to a WccFTech report, the Cupertino based giant filed a new patent application that shares details on a new technology that can detect light through the display. As of right now, the notch on iPhones has still been one of the biggest aspects of its designs that have been criticized. This was first seen in the iPhone X, meanwhile, smartphones from other OEMs have adopted various different designs like water drop notch or even a punch hole selfie shooter.

And now, it seems like Apple might also be looking to move its iPhones towards a full front screen body design in the near future. The patent is titled “Sensing System for Detection of Light Incident to a Light Emitting Layer of an Electronic Device Display.” Apple plans to house a light detecting sensor under the screen itself, which will be capable of working with Touch ID and Face ID biometric authentication systems.


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Furthermore, the company patented two potential implementations of the technology. The light sensor will be embedded behind the display will be capable of assembling an image of the object touching the screen. In the patent, the company also mentions that the system would use an ambient sensor. Additionally, a second implementation would use an array of photodiodes or solar cells to assemble the pixels of the image. Unfortunately, it is still unknown if the company is actually working on such a product or just covering all bases.




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