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Apple might be working on a search engine, but likely to focus on Siri and Spotlight


A new report has suggested that Apple might be working on a new project, which is related to a full fledged search engine. The information arrives after various developers noticed increased activity through Apple’s Applebot in their website logs.

Apple Siri

While the company might be working on its proprietary search engine, it is more likely that the Cupertino based giant is placing a focus on improving the Siri and Spotlight search results. According to a MacRumors report, the Applebot had begun showing a noticeable increase in activity. This caused various individuals to take to Twitter to share their thoughts on it as well.

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Jon Henshaw, Founder of Coywolf, also posted on his blog after he noticed the Apple web crawler regularly visiting his websites. For those unaware, the Applebot functions similarly to any other web crawler and scans the web to determine how search results would be ranked. This depends on various factors, including user engagement, relevancy, and more. Thus, the increased activity kicked off the new speculation regarding a possible Apple search engine.



At the moment, it seems unlikely that Apple would actually focus on developing a search engine since it promotes itself as a privacy centric brand that runs without any ads. But, examples like DuckDuckGo have shown that such search engines do exist and can operate without ad revenue or data based business models. So, take this report with a pinch of salt for now.

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