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Apple may be planning to give stylus support to its first foldable iPhone


Apple is well known for taking its time before adopting new technologies. But being late to the party doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t arrive, making a huge impact. While other companies strive to give their users innovation, Cupertino decides to take its time, refine what’s available and deliver the same features with better results and great marketing. And it seems that we may see Apple pull it off once again, with its foldable iPhone, which may launch with stylus support.

According to research firm Equal Ocean, the upcoming foldable iPhone will arrive with Apple Pencil support. It also predicts that the device will arrive with a clamshell design that will feature a foldable OLED display that would be between 7.3 and 7.6-inches in size. However, it’s not clear whether we will get a new Pencil design for the clamshell foldable device or if the device will feature support for the current models.

Jon Prosser has also been giving out tons of information about Apple’s possible foldable device. His sources claim that Cupertino has already decided to favor the clamshell design over a second option that would give us a foldable device that would look more like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the upcoming Huawei Mate X2. He also said that the new phone would feature several color variants

, meaning that this device would be aimed at a larger crowd.

Whatever the case, we will have to wait for quite a while before getting official confirmation of this new device, as all we have are rumors. Prosser suggests that we will have to wait sometime before we receive Apple’s foldable device, and it seems that we may even have to wait until 2023. But suppose you’re really interested in getting a foldable device with stylus support this year. In that case, you should consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3,

which’s also expected to give us this new feature.

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