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Apple is developing a 32-core processor for Macs that may launch next year


Apple launched its M1 chipset recently. The new processor, which replaces Intel’s own chipsets, which have powered Apple computers for years, is also one of the most powerful in a computer. The processor comes with 8 CPU cores but a new report says Apple is working on a much more powerful one that will have up to 32 cores.

Apple M1 Chip


Details of the new processor were first reported by Bloomberg and they say Apple engineers are working on multiple successors to its M1 processor. Some of these processors are expected to launch as early as next year.

Apple’s plan is to phase out completely Intel processors from its products by 2022 and its next-generation chips should help it achieve that goal. Some of these next-gen chips in development have been reported to have as many as 16 performance cores and four efficiency cores! However, it is said that Apple may first launch models with 8 or 12 performance cores depending on fabrication results.

The report says that Apple is also working on more powerful GPU processors and has begun testing 16-core and 32-core versions for its high-end laptops and mid-range desktops. It is also working on GPUs with 64 and 128 cores for its top-end computers. These chips are expected to arrive in late 2021 or even 2022.

Apple’s most powerful Mac Pro can be configured with up to 28 cores, so if it plans to replace the Intel Xeon W chips with its own, it must offer something significantly powerful.


There is a bit of waiting before these chips launch but it has been reported that Apple may announce the first successor to the M1 early next year alongside new MacBooks with MiniLED displays.

Bloomberg adds that news of these new chipsets caused Intel’s shares to drop by 1.7% earlier today.

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