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Apple is being investigated by USITC over patent dispute


Earlier this week, the United States International Trade Commission announced that it is launching an investigation regarding an alleged infringement of Maxwell patents by Apple products. Despite hitting a 2 trillion US Dollar in market value, the company is still facing various lawsuits and allegations.

For those unaware, Maxwell is a Japanese company that makes consumer electronics products. It had filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino based giant earlier this year and even filed a complaint with the ITC. Maxwell sought for ITC to issue an exclusion order along with a cease and desist order as well. This would essentially prohibit Apple from importing devices that carry infringed technology into the US.

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Apple Product Lineup

The ITC has since responded to the complaint and announced that it will be starting an investigation to find out if Apple products do infringe on the Japanese company’s patents and intellectual properties. According to a notice published by the ITC, ” “mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, and laptop computers sold under the Apple brand name” will also fall under the investigation, which will test over 10 separate patent infringement claims from Maxwell.

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